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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

"Houston . . . ."

I wrote the following last night after 10:00 PM. Where it ends is when I lost battery power.


Here I sit, feet propped up in front of a crackling fire and an Aladdin lamp glowing above my left shoulder.

I feel like there hasn’t been anything substantial happening in our life lately worthy of you reading . . . but then I have to remind myself that some claim that our every day life is unique enough from the average bear’s to warrant description.

Take today for example. I wouldn’t normally be able to compose my blog post with feet propped up on the hassock in the sun room. (Although, I’m kinda likin’ this! I just might do this more often!) And, no, I’m not connected to the Internet via the laptop’s wireless modem. I’m not connected to the Internet NOR any form of electricity at this moment. I’ll copy & paste this to Blogger later. And, why will this part of my entry only be as long as the amount of thought I can type in the remaining 12 minutes of the laptop’s battery power? We’re on Lock Down. Or, more to the point, Power Down.

The LP generator that charges up the batteries (which provide electricity to the house) isn’t working. We thought we might have corrected the situation this afternoon, but we didn’t. Now we’re trying to do what needs to be done to correct ‘Error No. 15’. In the meantime, we’ve turned off every single unnecessary appliance. The telephone is still plugged in, but the freezer & air exchanger are unplugged, as is the aquarium’s pumps (save the filter which will provide the fish with a little oxygenation). I’d been watching a movie upstairs, but all of that is turned off as are all the lights (electric).

Tomorrow morning, Tom will hook up the portable Yamaha generator until we’ve gotten the Onan fixed. So, besides the inconvenience of worrying about fixing the big generator & the related cost, we’re really not “out” that much. Obviously, I’m not gonna be using any major appliances like the vacuum, iron, or washing machine until we’re back up and running, but I can work around that. Besides, if it’s another sunny day tomorrow like it was today and yesterday, I can vacuum during the height of the sun’s rays when we’re charging from the solar panels. That’s about the only thing that really . . . .


  1. I had visions of you two in the dark, not freezing as I figured you would have fire. Keeping my fingers crossed for your error 15 correction.

  2. However ... I really do like the font you use when you're blogging "unplugged"!!!


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