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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

My Kind of Weather

We . . . FINALLY . . . experienced a 30° temperature drop within the last 24 hours. It was 64 degrees yesterday - WAY too warm for this time of year. It . . . just . . . didn't . . . feel . . . right. (Fortunately, the 34° we had this morning DID feel completely apropos for this time of year!) And, any of you menopausal / hot-flashing women out there can appreciate it when I say, "I thought the hot weather was OVER for the year!" ;) Now, if we could just get that killing frost to get rid of the bugs . . . .

The warm weather did allow for some late season warm weather projects, though: I got the 2nd half of the front entrance double door painted on Sunday (now all three of the front/side doors have, at least, the first coat on them), and Tom got more stonework done on the front entry way. (We really don't have a good "name" for those stone . . . gates. Anyone? OTHER than 'bomb-proof barriers' that P . . . or was it L . . . suggested when we all visited a couple of weeks ago?) Tom also did maintenance on the electrical system's generator and all four of the (currently running of the six we have) vehicles: oil and fluid levels, filling up with gas, etc.

I continued the electrical system maintenance yesterday by tending to my duty of checking and refilling the water/acid level in the 24 deep-cycle batteries. It's a job that usually takes a couple of hours of slightly painstaking attention and physical positions reminiscent of the childhood game 'Twister'. (The NEXT electrical system we build - [Ha!] - will include batteries mounted VERTICALLY on the wall instead of on the floor.) But, the generator kicked on (scaring the heck out of me) just as I was in the middle of the 3rd to the last battery. So, that project was postponed until today . . . when the generator WON'T be running!

The calendar between now and the end of the year is rapidly filling . . . which also fills me with (even more) anxiety! I'm going to try to do two more Christmas-season sales this year (vs. the one I've participated in at our local town hall 2x a year). These are both in town: one at the Free Church, and the other at the community center. I'm in the process of finding out about dates and entry fees right now. Which reminds me . . . the information for the town hall Christmas sale is starting to come in, so I need to start updating the website! Always so much to do . . . !

I don't know how many of you peek at our YouTube channel, but for those of you who do, you already know that our one remaining turkey, Shy Jenny, has turned out to be . . . a tom! Whoops! But, no harm, no fowl (har dee har har). Now we have "Shy Tommy".

Other news: after being fairly free-and-easy regarding any sort of set schedule over the summer, Tom and I have reconnoitered and set forth a solid plan. Living with "Pioneer Purpose", we call it. ;) Each Sunday evening - with a quick follow-up each night Monday thru Thursday - we plan the week. And then, we get up with the 7:00 AM alarm for a set weekday morning routine (late for some of you, early for others - early for us!). That alarm is conflicting with my past-midnight bedtime, though! I really need to work on changing my night-owl tendencies!

I've really been working on getting our backlog of videos posted on YouTube (see earlier link). If you become a subscriber, you'll be alerted when new ones are posted.

Finally (my segue here is thinking about YouTube), I sure would encourage each and every one of you readers out there (okay, so all 10 of you) to CREATE A BLOG to keep everyone else (me!) updated on your life! Hey, if my 65-year old (shhh!) mom can do it, so can YOU! (And, yes, Mom, JB, and TJ - you are excluded from my little rant since you all HAVE jumped on the modern communication bandwagon. L, you are NOT excluded since your blog posts CONTAIN NOT ONE IOTA OF ANYTHING EVEN MINUTELY RESEMBLING PERSONAL NEWS!)

Rant over.

I'll end with a cute picture of Annie Blue taken yesterday when I was working upstairs in the library. Her body is like a slinky. She's so skinny, and if you hold her up in the air under her "armpits", you can wave her back and forth . . . like a slinky!


  1. Not hot-flashin' quite yet, but I still appreciate the cooler weather.
    Annie Blue is such a cutie--how do kitties always know where to find an afghan to lay on?

  2. Just for you, kiddo:

    let's see how i do ...


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