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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

Monday Night.

"I'm dreaming of a White Christmas . . . ." Okay, or at least a break from this heat! After a short reprieve we're back in it. Not quite as bad as before, but it's icky out. Neither Tom nor I handle it well - our bodies just kind of shut down . . . followed shortly thereafter by our brains. (Or is it vice versa?)

I finally (!) got the order off today for the 35 windows and 1 French door for the new house. Now we'll see what the quote comes in at - yikes! Cross your fingers for us! But, who knew there would be so MUCH after the "basics" of figuring out the size?! Single-pane glass or insulated? Argon-filled insulated or not? What kind of finish for the window hardware? What kind of finish on the inside of the windows? All-clad or wood on the outside? Stained, primed, all-clad finished, or un-treated? Brickmould, casings, nose sills, grilles, the list goes on! But, I think I've got it. (Time will tell.) Now I still have to finish the 3 exterior doors for the house, the windows for the garage, and the door(s) for that. But, before any of that happens, my next must-do project is to tackle and finish and send off the blueprints for the SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels) that will cover the outside of the house as well as provide the insulation. Once I have that done, maybe I'll stop having these nightmares that all involve a house of some sort!

Tom and I had a great time (much more fun than I'd expected, to tell the truth) paddling the dragon boats on Saturday. Our team came in 9th overall, out of 18 teams. But, man, it was HARD work. During the last 50 yards of the race, when you REALLY have to kick it into high gear, I just didn't have anything left! Although, it did help when I switched to paddling on the left side instead of the right.

We participated in two heats and 1 relay "for fun" race. That's when you split your team in half and switch with half of another team. We lost our first race of the day, but, by mid-afternoon and our last heat, we had our "groove on" and won it, hands-down. The only part of the day that wasn't so fun was that it was a little windy - which means big rollers on the big lake. And, that ain't so good when you're in a shallow, narrow, 40' canoe with 21 other people. There were a couple of times that were quite dicey, and, during our last race, the strength of the people leaning on the right side giving it all they had coupled with a rouge wave nearly put us under. The wave broke right over the gunnel, and we were all jostled hard and fought for balance. Maybe that's why we won that one - we were too scared of dumping over!

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