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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

I Need a Wife!

Yes, that's right: I (the wife), NEED A WIFE! I've now, personally and single-handedly, proven the fact that one cannot be both the General Contractor and The Wife. Just like I proved, 5 1/2 years ago, that you can't be both the Wedding Coordinator and The Bride. (Wonder how it turned out? Well, let's just say that I was a pretty good Wedding Coordinator and leave it at that.)

But, when I'm out at the job site and/or working on the house in other aspects 12 hours a day . . . nothin', and I mean NOTHIN', gets done here at home. And that's very aggravating. Hence my need for a wife. (My husband is already doing a stellar job of being a husband.)

But, I digress. Here is the update for Sunday, July 10th through . . . .

After working up at the property on Sunday (more prepping for the garage slab if I remember correctly) we took some time off and headed into town for some pizza, adult beverages, and much-needed down time with our nearest and dearest friends . . . and to celebrate the 9th birthday of a certain redhead we know. (Getting her ears pierced was the order of the day.)

Monday is a loss (t0 me) because I didn't take any digital photos that day. So now, a week later when I'm reenacting the day, I have no picture to provide me with the proverbial thousand words. BUT, Tuesday I remember loud and clear! It was a very exciting day because the slab was poured for the garage! Who knew a person could get so darned giddy about a 24' x 28' 4" slab of concrete! But, I guess the thrill came from all that it symbolizes, right?

We've been caught in a stretch of insanely hot and humid weather, and Tuesday - when the guys were pouring the slab - was the worst yet (until yesterday). They actually had to take turns taking breaks to sit down in the truck with the air conditioner running to cool off before they keeled over. Despite the gallons of water they threw down, they still even suffered from leg cramps throughout the day. So, while exciting for us, it was a MISERABLE day for them. The "mud" (as I've learned it's called) was scheduled for Wednesday for the house slab, but a) we still had WAY too much to do to get it ready, and b) mainly because of the impossible-t0-safely-work-in-heat it was cancelled and rescheduled for today.

My poor dad: he had offered his assistance on anything we needed regarding the house, and laying the in-floor heat was what we needed the help with. Unfortunately, we had to do it that afternoon and evening in the insane heat. (Oh, to backtrack, the cement for the next day for the house had not yet been cancelled, so we were rushing to get our part done in time.)

So, once the guys were done with the garage slab and their work for the day on the house pad (they poured the unheated slab that my pantry will sit on), we three got to it. And, actually, it went surprisingly well! (I'm still going through it all in my mind to try to figure out what we did wrong!) But, despite the heat and evening bugs that came out, we finished up just as the light was slip, slipping away at 9:45.

What a day it was!

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