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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

Saturday Night

Our three friends arrived from the Cities last night, one of whom was our Best Man. He definitely won the award of the day: he biked up the 300 miles from the metro area - breaking it down into three days and two nights camping. After he hit the local pool for a shower (the Hafweh Haus has no plumbing), we all headed into town for a lovely evening together. We were joined by a group of 3 other friends we ran into, and so it was a fun group of eight that enjoyed dinner and drinks. New friendships were solidified and old ones strengthened all the more.

Tom ran up to the property this morning to check on the progress we'd missed from late yesterday as well as what had been done already today. The spur driveway and trapper cabin site are all finished except for the gravel layer that will come out of the pond. That's what the crew was starting on next. The man doing the work this morning thought he was hallucinating, though: he saw two guineas run across the spur driveway in front of his machinery. He said, "I thought I was in Africa for a minute there!" Now he calls the spur driveway 'Guinea Bend' (there's a bend in the road, and that's where he saw them). I like it! And Tom's trapper cabin site can be 'Guinea Hill'!

It's great to know that the guineas are still alive and kicking - we hadn't seen them for a couple of weeks. Since only two were seen, though, we're pretty convinced that the one Maisy caught never did make it.

I was still a bit under the weather today and so wasn't too active. Tom headed into town in the afternoon for an auction, and I joined him around 5:30. A friend was celebrating the 25th anniversary of her art gallery, so we made that before heading over to the annual summer solstice celebration and pageant. It's held on the harbor each year right before sunset, and it's a fabulous gathering of local talent, friends, and laughter.

Tomorrow's another full day, and I plan on feeling 100% after a good night's sleep. I haven't been up to the property for two days, and I can't wait to head up tomorrow morning!

And, since I won't be writing in the morning, Happy Father's Day to both my dad and Tom's dad . . . and all you other papas out there! And, a very happy 38th birthday to our favorite grease-monkey / metal artist / all-around talented guy / and the best father, too, in St. Paul.

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