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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

The One I Wrote Last Night

The monsoons of summer have finally abated, and we’ve been blessed with some amazingly gorgeous fall days.  Sun, cool temps and enough wind to shake the yellow leaves off the popples.  It’s gorgeous.  If only it weren’t such a short season!

I made a shopping trip to the big city last Thursday in conjunction with my annual check-in with my shrink.  She said that I’m “amazing”.  Have I mentioned that I L-O-V-E her?  ;)  There are two other things that stick out in my mind from the day as well.  First, this in the grocery aisles at Target:

Seriously?  WHY, on god’s green earth, would ANYONE put that into the mouth of their child?  I mean, it’s not even the issue that this is NOT “food” . . . but that much dye?!  And the sugar!  The “best scenario” I can think of would be inviting over the child of your worst enemy, filling them up with this “cake” and then sending them directly home . . . but giving it to anyone you actually CARE ABOUT?  Crazy.  As a cuckoo bird.

Here was my other blog-worthy (and I use the term “worthy” extremely loosely here) moment.  I’ve needed new bras DES-perately.  My bras look like they belong to an old married woman divorced 4 years who’s not yet gone on a single date!  (Oh . . . wait . . . .)  But you get the picture.  ANYWAY, here’s a little visual for all you women out there who are much younger (in spirit / at heart) than your bodies suggest:  you know you’re over-the-hill / past your prime / old / (insert favorite derogatory adjective here) when you realize that you are trying to tuck not the side of your breast into the bra you’re trying on – but your ARMPIT FAT! 


  1. The only thing that could have been worse about that BLUE (gak!) cake mix is if it had had the label "organic" on it! (Yes, Virginia, the world is going to he^^ in a handbasket.)

    Regarding your other . . . um, problem . . . You, m'dear, were trying on the wrong size bra!

  2. I'm with Mama Pea--try a different size(s). You made me laugh 'cause after breast
    cancer it' was tricky getting bras that fit. That 'fat' is usually 'cause the bra is too
    loose (goes against logic). Good luck shopping.
    I'm glad to see you're blogging again. Sandy L. (So. CA mountains)

  3. What a horrid piece of packaged goods. That takes the "processed food" cake, if you'll pardon the expression. Ack. Been there, done that, vis a vis the bra. I needed to upgrade, too, and was SHOCKED at the price of bras!

    1. It's not just the price of the darn garment . . . but the fact that they wear out in a matter of months! I used to buy a good bra and wear it for years (well, it truly does seem they used to last that long) but now the material pulls apart and the elastic goes flooey in a couple of months. It ain't fair, I tell ya, it ain't fair!

  4. You ARE Amazing! And so good to hear from you. I agree with your take on bras these days---made shabbily or cost too much or both. I used to love this one bra made by Jockey and voila, they don't make it anymore. I would have bought two dozen if I had known they were going to discontinue them. Hope things are looking brighter for your friend and her family. I've been thinking of y'all!

  5. Wow. That blue cake mix looks like something out of the novel 2001 (wasn't it at the end when he was given all this "blue" goo to eat?).

    As for the bra shopping, I did that JUST yesterday....and went home empty handed. No way I'm paying those prices for junk....at least not until I give up on the "sports bras". They are comfy, fit my other non-boob "junk" in them, but the only disadvantage, at least for my husband's point of view, is that when wearing a sports bra, it looks like I have a "Uni-boob". Oh well.
    Nice to hear from you again!

  6. Ew, that cakes gives me a stomache! I hear ya on the bras, and yes, probably wrong size, too tight...

  7. Hi Chicken Mama,
    Just checking in to say hi, and to that I've been thinking of you and your friends. Here's a big beautiful blanket of white light to wrap around all of you and a hug from me.
    Take good care,


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