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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

Second Staycation Post

I'm on day 6 of my 8 day stay(at home)cation, and that makes me SAD!  As I knew it would, the time has FLOWN.  I had made a list a mile long during the weeks anticipating this break from work, but I've purposefully not looked at it this week . . . I didn't want to put undue pressure on myself.  Instead, I've done what I WANT v. what I maybe *should*.  But, really, that's only been one thing:  working on this wee cabin.

For the first time since the move (13 months ago now), I got my stereo unpacked and hooked up in the cabinet that holds it (which I also had to haul and install).  While I *could* have, I haven't been playing CDs on my computer, so it's been great to listen to them AND my old cassettes . . . in particular, Jim Reeves!  (Hey, don't judge me:  I was born a few decades too late!)  I've also been able to make a little more space by removing the radio I had in here on one of the shelves.  AND, I realized not long ago that my big computer's screen is larger than the little TV I have upstairs for watching movies, so I was contemplating buying some decent speakers for that computer so I COULD watch movies on a slightly larger screen (via the computer's DVD player).  Thank goodness I was still at the researching point and hadn't yet purchased because, as I hooked up my good old stereo, I realized I can attach IT to my computer for good movie sound!  (And what a big, fat duhhh! that would have been if I hadn't figured it out in time!)

At work, we're (finally!) dismantling the old office cum employee break room, and so I inherited a terrific shelving unit.  I got that put up in here one day earlier this week, too.  Pictures of all this progress to follow.

Now, today, I'm getting ready for The Big Project that I really wanted to attack this week:  building a sink / counter area.  Having no plumbing, this little space had nothing more than an enamel basin for washing, and I've been wanting to create a grey water system for an age!  I wash dishes by setting up my "portable table" (ironing board) and spreading an oil clothe over that, but I REALLY want a sink so I can wash my hair here instead of trekking to my folks' each time I need to do so.  I got the area slated for that cleaned out earlier this week, and so that's today's focus.  Late yesterday, I started shoveling out the tarped storage that holds both the counter top I'm going to use and the sink.  Of course, one's at one end while the other's at the other end.  I'll haul the counter in, first, and begin there.  I'm thinking once I have all the measurements made, I might go see if I can build it in Mama and Papa Pea's heated garage . . . since it's still a wee bit too cold to work out on the deck and there's not enough space inside here to do it.

Finally, I need to give Mollie and my favorite (ex) Uncle-in-Law for giving me the boost to write.  Thank you.  :)  I've been trying to not put any pressure on myself to blog, so that's why I haven't been.  And, still, I realize it's "the people thing":  I get so much interaction with people from my job that when I get home at night, I'm d-o-n-e!  Quite honestly, some nights it's all I can do to be polite to and still incredibly grateful for my folks when I pick Tucker up!

I'll leave you with a couple pictures:
This is the alley behind work which the city isn't even bothering trying to keep open anymore.  A week or so ago, a semi got stuck trying to deliver, and it took 2 tow trucks to inch him out.

The snow is so deep in the chicken yard that the poor chickens can hardly crawl in and out their coop door anymore!

And this is their coop, my mukluks at the bottom of the shot.  The snow is getting pretty close to the roof, and we've gotten another big dumping since I took this picture!


  1. Ha! I hit the jackpot. I'm home today--big storm in southern California and my elderly/senile dog would probably not go into the garage to stay dry. But hey, after seeing your chicken coop disappear under the snow, I'm not complaining. Although having chickens is a great thing. So the jackpot--I got to read your blog you posted today!! Instant gratification. Vacations just go fast--it's their nature. Hope the next two days are full of everything you WANT to do. Maybe take a few naps? I'm amazed at what you know how to do and how you make a living. Thanks for the shout out. I missed hearing from you but had decided you were OKAY! Take good care. Spring always follows winter. sooner or later. Big hug to you.

  2. I love Jim Reeves.....grew up listening to him. He was a fine singer. :)

  3. I love your new header and description, but poor chickens!

  4. I meant to tell you that I love your photo at the top of your blog. I'm assuming you're the photographer. It's a great shot! Do hope some of it has melted by now though!! ;-)

    1. Thanks! Yup, just a photo I took basically out the front of the cabin door. Not sure much/any has melted! Maybe I should take a comparison shot?!

  5. I'm hoping to get a cabin space in the not too distant future. I need a place to escape. I'm liking reading the things you are doing there to make the best of your space. I had lost you for a while, but now you are found again.


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