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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

A (Slight) Change in Plans

Or, rather, an expedited version of Plans!

Bundle of Joy's mama and daddy, much to the shocked excitement of everyone involved(!), are expecting completely naturally conceived fraternal twins.  And, it seems their arrival is imminent!

At 35 weeks this past Sunday, the expectant mama had an appointment with the doc yesterday, and I woke up with the feeling that something was going to happen.  Last night, just as I was getting home, I got the phone call that they were on their way to the big city 2 hours south of us.  (Our local hospital, as a firm rule, won't deliver twins.)  So, all the plans were set into action.  B of J was delivered to the first of the homes she'll (absolutely excitedly!) get to have sleep-overs at, and I began to gather the things I'd need for my immediate installation in the family home!  And, really, the timing was perfect for me getting situated and having a later-than-usual evening since today is my day off.  

At home, I hadn't yet started putting together my bags for coming out here, but I *did* have my list almost complete.  Yayy, me!  So, it wasn't too bad, pulling everything together.

This cozy little house doesn't have running water, so I loaded up a couple of my own water containers, stopping at Mama & Papa Pea's to fill them up.  But, it DOES have a biffy.  And, oh!, the comfort and EASE of a biffy!  Heaven!  ;)  Hey, it's the little things that matter!!!

AND, a coffee pot!  Sure, I have one, but I have so little counter space that I haven't yet dug it out of storage and installed it.  But, having cup upon cup of hot java at the ready this morning has reminded me that I MUST find the space and time to do this!  Of course, this will also mean that I'll be drinking more coffee - which isn't necessarily a good thing - but perhaps I can justify that by the fact that I'll easily be able to take coffee with me to work . . . which should off-set my semi-frequent trips to the coffee shop at my 11:00 AM breaks.

You might notice, too, that I'm posting this far earlier than normal.  That's because this family is a hard-working one who rises E-A-R-L-Y, and so their dog is accustomed to that.  And, she decided that 7:00 AM was DEFINITELY long enough for me to sleep in.  So, here we are.   

I'll leave you with this picture of the family.  I feel just a little guilty, stealing it off their computer BUT - since I took it - I think I'm justified.  ;)  This was taken about a month ago when we all went for a Sunday drive.  We're standing on the overlook that is my new header picture (taken the same day).

It's hard to believe there are twins in there, isn't it!?  Granted, she's MUCH bigger now, but the great news is that, at the last ultrasound, there was over 10 lbs. of babies.  And that's huge because twins have to stay at the hospital until they're 5 lbs. each.  Then they can go home.  Despite the (massive) discomforts, this mama is SUCH a good and healthy baby oven that I suspect the ENTIRE family will get to come home within a day or two of the birth.

And, so now, we all just hang out and wait.  Their trip down last night was not spurred on by regular, timed contractions.  Instead, the doctor wanted to play things Safe and simply have them nearer-by considering her stage of pregnancy and her body's readiness.  So, they are staying at the home of family friends while we all wait.  The big birthday could be today or it could be 4 days from now.  But, I'm betting on sooner rather than later!  ;)  Bopee knows!  (Maybe.)

A last aside as I close.  My current Facebook profile picture is one of myself with Bundle of Joy.  Well, here!

Baby Girl's (another of my Littles) mom told me, that while she had FB up on the computer a couple of weeks ago, Baby Girl looked at the photo and said, quite indignantly, "Hey!  That's MY Bopee!"  :)  Aww, it warms this Bopee's heart.  

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  1. No news? We're all awaiting the big news! Those babies arrive yet?


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