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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne


You wouldn’t think that me being frozen stiff is the thing that FINALLY brings me to the keys, but it is!  I didn’t get home tonight until much later than usual – probably around 8:00 – as I was at my folks’ trying to get a program installed onto Papa Pea’s computer . . . only to find out at the FINAL stage that the components weren’t compatible.  Doh!

I knew I’d be arriving in a cold cabin ‘cause the ashes were full-to-overflowin’ this morning, and so I’d let the fire burn all the way out in order to empty said ashes tonight.  So, once home, I did do that, but I just CAN’T get it warmed up in here – an hour later.  And it’s not like it’s really cold out – just cold (high 20s?).  It’s almost as if the cabin/stove are taking a little while adjusting to early winter just like we humans do.  So, I’m sitting here fully dressed with my coat still on – fingerless gloves while I type.  

Drinking hot coffee liberally laced with cream.   

Sitting, literally, 24 inches away from the stove.

I could have gone upstairs and crawled under the blankets with my heating pad and warmed up while watching something on the TV (‘Game of Thrones’, anyone?), but I feel like I want to DO stuff down here tonight (after all, it *is* my “Friday night”) . . . and if I’d done that, that’d be allshewrote for the evening.  I could do the dishes (I hauled hot water from my folks’), but that would involve going outside to get the ice cold dish pans.  And anything involving COLD right now is off my list.

So, how am I?  What’s been keeping me away?  Well, nothing specific (keeping me away).  Just, I think, following the natural course of time in figuring out my new self, my new life.  And I am okay.  Almost to the point of responding with an honest “good!” when on the receiving end of the regular Minnesota Nice query “how are you?”  Matter of fact, at my appt. with my therapist last Thursday, she asked in her wonderful Irish lilt at the end, “How would you like to proceed from here?”  As usual, when I sense she’s getting ready to “kick me out” (of continued therapy), I laughed and said that I want to continue-on at least one more time . . . just to make sure this last visit (how I was feeling) wasn’t a fluke.

Of course, I can’t quantify what it is that I’ve moved through or processed to get myself to this point, but after a shaky summer (not to mention last spring, a-hem!), I can honestly say that I’m feeling . . . solid, again.  I wish I could express what the difference(s) is/are that make that up, but I can’t.  But I sure am glad to be here, feeling this way!

Now, here’s a story for you, but I’ll try to keep it (ha!) brief.

One of the last times I wrote, I told you about a new job opening at my place of employment – a new general manager position.  I’m sure everyone was wondering why *I* didn’t apply, and the reason was this:  the current owners let it be known that they wanted someone with a four-year degree in business.  I have a four-year degree (and then some!), but not in business.  So, neither I nor any of my colleagues applied . . . we just waited to hear about applicants. 

Then, at the end of August, we had a nice evening - a going-away party for two retirees (after 20 years each!).  The more Silent Partner owner gave a small speech in which he commented on the open managerial position - and encouraged any of US to apply . . . despite the business degree criteria.  Hmmmm!  Innnnnteresting!  Long story short (and after learning that a fellow employee had dropped everything and got her resume in), I, too, got my rear in gear.  Especially since I knew that the in-residence owner was traveling to the big city a couple of hours south of us for in-person interviews on the upcoming Thursday.

So, it was late that Tuesday night that I got my resume & cover letter in to the HR company handling the hiring.  When I got home after grocery shopping the next night, there was a voicemail asking me to call her (the HR gal) back ASAP.  Given that it was well into the evening, I was hesitant, but her voicemail had come in after 6:00 PM, so I went for it.  She said that she’d like to do a telephone interview with me, that it should take about 20 minutes, and could she get everything in order and call me back to do it in about 5?  Uhh, oh!  Umm . . . okay!  (On the up side, I only got to stress about it for a few minutes vs. if the interview had been scheduled well in advance!)

Well, the 20-minute interview took about 1 hour.  It went very well, and, at the end, she asked if I could come down to the big city the next day for an in-person interview with herself and the owners.  Why, of COURSE!  There’s nothing I’d rather do on my precious day off!  ;)

And, that interview went very well.  They’d have their decision made within 1 ½ - 2 weeks. 

Two weeks went by, and nothing.  I e-mailed with the “how much I enjoyed meeting with them, did they have any more questions”, etc. check-in.  The response, albeit fairly immediate, was “my timeline was a little skewed, but am confident all decisions will be finalized this weekend. I enjoyed meeting you and appreciate your willingness to throw your name in the mix. It shows your commitment to the business!  Blah, blah, blah.  Yadda, yadda, yadda.  Whatever.  With those words and the absolute lack of contact previous, I was 99% sure I wasn’t being offered the job.  So, no more 24/7 thinking about all the possibilities . . . both for the business and for me, on a monetary level.  Bah!

Did anyone GET hired?  Well, yes, a couple of weeks later YET, our boss announced one evening after closing that someone had been chosen and would start at the beginning of November.  Hmph. 

So, that took up a good bit of my time and thought since I last wrote.  At least my resume is up-to-date.  That’s something, right?  (Cough, cough.)

Okay, I am reasonably warmed up now . . . although it is 10:03 PM.  Should I scrap the evening entirely or . . . ?   


  1. Love your new header with perfect words!

  2. As I sat there waiting for the other shoe to drop...they did NOT hire you? What? Are they mad? Blind? Deaf? Dumb (is a given...) Good grief! I love the new wording, too, Baby Pea. Glad to have you back!

  3. Glad to see you're back. And I agree with Susan....why NOT go with someone who is already familiar with the store?! Oh well....like you said, at least it got you to get your resume updated and ready for something should it come by.

  4. Thanks, ladies. Yeah, Mama Pea had a few choice words to say, too. I'm truly okay with it (I could have easily gone either way): my relationship with the other employees would have, inevitably, changed . . . and I would miss that.


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