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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

Need to Get Movin'

I need to get my rusty-duster movin' on this day off, but I'm still tucked up in the sleeping loft in bed!  Hadn't checked in to e-mail or FB or anything in over 24 hours, so I've been doing that - and warming up!  I'm finally down to my sweatshirt . . . from hat, gloves, winter coat, sweatshirt AND heating pad!  It was 38 degrees up here next to the bed when I woke up, and only 27 degrees downstairs!!!  Guess my little stove doesn't hold a fire for 12 hours (which is how long I slept before Tucker and my bladder woke me up) - imagine that!  Now, though, it's a toasty 66 degrees up here.

The biggest To Do on the schedule today is to finish unloading the high-sided trailer of Mom and Dad's.  I got their one Suburban completely cleaned out on Tuesday night (or was it Monday?), despite the c-c-c-cold temps.  It's 4 degrees ABOVE now at 1:40, and, I tell you, that feels like a HEAT WAVE!  I *should* have popped down to their place as soon as I was up and going today to do that, but I requested a delay until 3:30 or so (they'll need to go to the storage unit to help me with the king-size mattress).  Because, I *need* to get some stuff done here in the cabin in the daylight.  It's SO hard to clean and organize in the pitch-black of the evenings once I get home.  So, that's first thing on the docket today.  I've still made no real progress in here as last Sunday (the first day "off" after The Big Move) was given over to unloading progress.

The task I'm least looking forward to is unloading my folks' second Suburban.  That's the one I drove home last Thursday and which is stuffed, quite literally, to the gills.  And, if I had the SPACE, it wouldn't be such an issue.  But, both storage units are almost completely full (without getting in to sort and rearrange), and there's very limited space remaining.  But, I also know that once I get that done, I'll feel a huge pressure off.  I want them to have normal use of their vehicles again!!

Then, it will be a matter of getting in to the storage units to, as I said, sort and organize.  Following that, I'll start moving the large accumulation of things that are filling up "Storage Unit #3", my folks' one woodshed.  'Cause, they want to start working on next year's wood supply - getting it cut, split, and stacked.

Also on today's list is getting a light run out to the little chicken house.  They haven't had any light or warmth since arriving here at The Shrimp Fork (ha!) and so haven't been laying, either.  Not in these colds temps.  Matter of fact, the dummies have been spending their nights in the attached pen / covered solarium rather than going into the coop.  Putting a heat lamp in there, tho, should entice them.  Anyway, I'll take pictures (with my phone) of that process.  

So, not much of a post, but it's what I'm up to today!  :)

P.S.  I can't find my camera since the move!  I'm *REALLY* hoping it's somewhere in a bag or in the packed truck.  I'm cringing to think that it might have been one of the things left behind in the mad, angst-ridden scramble of last Thursday night.  :(  But, if so, I guess it's a good time to get a new one.  It was just my little "point and shoot" and beginning to exhibit wear and tear in its mechanisms, anyway.  And, I always download my pics as soon as I take them . . . so I would only lose those I'd taken that last day.  Which were few.  Still, tho . . . .  :(


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  1. the thought of you having to get all this done in those frigid temps and limited daylight... wow! Stay warm!


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