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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

Past the Fork in the Road

Good morning, and WOW!  You guys have been GREAT with helping me rename this blog!  Tucked back up in the sleeping loft this morning with my first cup of coffee, after having gone downstairs to relieve Nature's Call and start the fire again (I usually let it burn out at night 'cause, otherwise, it's too hot up here to comfortably sleep), I am feeling BLESSED to have you ALL in my life!

Usually, I *know* when a name is the right one, it just strikes and feel absolutely right.  So, I think it's gonna be 'Past the Fork in the Road'.  If I stuck with 'The Fork in the Road' I feel like I'm in limbo, at the proverbial fork.  Not moving past it.  And I feel like that's what these past 8 (?) months or so have been:  coming to the fork in the road, assessing what path to follow (try to buy a new piece of property/house, renting, or practicing some extreme downsizing and moving into this little cabin where I have FEW living expenses and can focus on getting my feet back under me, financially).  And now, I've chosen my path.  The one I'll walk down for the indeterminate future, Short Legs (what some friends call Tucker) by my side.

And I think I'll name the cabin something else although, as I think about it, The Cabin Past the Fork in the Road doesn't sound bad at ALL!  But, maybe something with the Three Sisters theme.  I've still got to chew on that one.  I LOVE Trailshome's idea of the three fungi on the tree representing "signposts to something better".  For me, they could represent Contentment, Peace, and Personal Fulfillment.  Something like that.  And not 'peace' as in World Peace (although wouldn't THAT be something), but in relationship to me:  to be at peace.  And I'm working on that and believe I'll achieve that after the stress of the move is o-v-e-r.  Once Swamp River Ridge, for better or for worse (no coincidence that that relates to wedding vows!), is behind me.  A sweet memory.

When I asked you all for little, supportive gifts back in March (?), I came across a plaque that a friend had given me during my divorce.  It reads 'Don't Cry Because It's Over; Smile Because It Happened'.  For me, it didn't apply to my marriage at all (because I'll never know how much of my marriage was "true" - having since found out about my ex's extracurricular (ah-hem!) activities.  BUT, it DOES apply to Swamp River Ridge and how I feel about it.  And that's reflected in the new quote I added to the top of this blog:
"When you forget what you have for what you've lost, grieving's an indulgence."
I love that.  It doesn't say that we can't, shouldn't, MUST not go through the grieving process for ANY loss - but rather that we shouldn't dwell.  Shouldn't forget to look at what we DO have, at this very moment in life, despite the loss(es).

Geez, awfully philosophical for a Sunday morning, aren't I?  Although, traditionally, I suppose, Sunday mornings ARE the time for reflection (for all you church-goin' folks).  For me (and I love this quote), "I'll see you in church . . . if the windows are clean."  ;)

So, now, I'll go change the name of the blog (although the web address, of course, will remain the same).

THANKS for following me on this twisty-turning path of life!  :)



  1. I like the trident theme, strong, unyielding, besides trees have strong mojo! You are NOT week anymore you are strong and can wield a trident!!

  2. What a great name! I admit, I've been meaning to think of some names, but all I came up with was a list of words, none of which sounded good together though.
    See ya round the fork! :)

  3. I love, love the new name, it's perfect! That quote you referenced was from Dr. Seuss about the loss of a pet, it's one of my favorite ones too! Your cabin sounds like it's becoming more of a home for you every minute!

  4. The name of the cabin should be related to the generosity of the owners of the cabin:) I like the new blog name! Looks like a great place to stay, too!

  5. Great choice for a new name, you have "past" the fork in the road and on to new things. Love the see ya in chucrh too ............

  6. One more thought! You could always call it, "With a Little Help from my Friends." I've always loved that song, and it sure seems to be a reality in your life, particularly at this very point.

  7. You've weathered the super hurricane in your life. And now you are moving on, stronger and wiser than ever before. Congratulations for moving past the fork in the road. 'Love the new blog name and I love the fact that you landed squarely on your feet. I knew you would! -"M"


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