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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

Ugh - It's Monday

Good morning!

So, it's Monday morning, and I am tired.  And - wahhh! - I don't WANNA go to work!  (But, then, who ever does?!)

I actually had an unexpected day at home yesterday:  the little one who I was going to nanny ended up not needing me, after all!  I wish I'd found that out sooner as I had to change proverbial horses mid-stream, but it was all good - though I could have used the extra cash.  I actually took a bit of time for me and didn't work, work, work all day.  I wish I'd had my camera with when I went out to do morning chores:  there was a big ol' toad and a cute, lil toad sitting right next to each other on the lip of the duck pond buried mini garden liner.

The big news of the day, though, is that I got the OK from my new landlords to rent the little house on 4.5 acres!  I *should* be more excited - and I know I will be - but I didn't feel the relief that I expected to come with the news.  Instead, a deep ache started at the back of my throat that still hasn't really gone away . . . because it means that I am, indeed, leaving Swamp River Ridge.  :(  Of course, I knew this, but yesterday was just another step in the painful realization / reality process.  It will just take a little while to wrap my little brain around it.  But, to be sure, I was DEFINITELY gonna be in a mad scramble if I *didn't* get it.  But, like I said, I'm really surprised to not feel that weight automatically lifted.  But, I know it will just take time.

I'll be able to get into it on Saturday, which is the 1st, but that will mean nothing more than meeting with the care-taker that night on my way home to get the keys and learn about the utilities like water shut-off, the furnace, etc.  Sunday is already booked, but I hope to spend a little time there Sunday evening.  And, I think one of the first things I'll do is take down the lawn mower and lawn furniture.  That way, with a change of clothes, I can start mowing the large, LONG (as in overgrown) yard in the evenings on my way home.  And then also pack what I have enough oomph for into the car each evening (leaving room for Tucker-Doo, of course) so I can unload that on my drives home, too.  Starting a new project is always fun, so once I'm physically able to hang out there and really get the feeling that it's *mine*, things will be easier.  And, it will be so much easier packing things around here once I can start MOVING some of the boxes, etc. that are taking up room.

I guess just sharing the news with you here and REALLY beginning to think about it *is* making me more excited!  I hadn't dared starting to make lists in fear of jinxing the deal, but now I can jot down notes to my heart's content (and I'm the Queen of Lists) . . . such as the immediate things I'll need to take down there to start:  cleaning supplies, bed/food/dishes for Tucker, a stereo (whistle while you work!), gas for the mower, work gloves, work clothes . . . etc., etc.!

I will close by sharing this with you - the one thing I did do ahead of time.  As y'all know, I feel that in order for a house to be a *home*, it needs a name, an identity.  And, in the past, I've had to choose names that weren't too feminine as I was always sharing my home with a fella.  Now, though, I can go with WHATEVER name I want.  And here's what I've chosen.  What do you think?

THANK YOU, friends, for all your cyber support, good wishes, crossed everythings and prayers through all of this!!!




  1. Hollyhock Hollow is absolutely PERFECT for your new little place! Because of the hollyhocks and the way in which it's physically situated! But then, you knew that and why you came up with the name! Hollyhock Hollow . . . I love it!

  2. I'm so happy to hear this good news! I am sure you will get excited about the move now that you know the deal is done, get those lawn chairs and a bottle of wine over there asap so you can take a minute to enjoy this jump to a new start!

  3. Great homestead name! And glad you're getting going on the move. Keep us updated. Oh, and we WILL get pictures of the new place, right?? Stalking blogging buddies are anxious to know :)

  4. 'So, so happy for you and that you have secured a place now! 'Love the name; it fits you too.I looked up the meaning of Hollyhock in my "language of flowers" book and on the internet. The hollyhock flower portends fruitfulness, abundance,freedom and FEMALE ambition. In otherwords, the hollyhock represents where you are going and its all so good! How cool is that!!!-"M"

  5. Hooray! What a lovely name - it has to be a lovely little homestead. It's always tough to have to give up a dream, but there are better dreams-come-true ahead! Can't wait to follow all the 'doings' in Hollyhock Hollow!

  6. that's great! That reminds me, what ever came of possibly selling your house now?

  7. I'm glad very glad you found a place to live, Is it closer to work? that will give you more time to sleep and be home

  8. I think it's a wonderful name! Really thrilled to hear you have the property. Even though it's a rental It can be YOURS! Your flavor, your tastes. I hope you post progress photos for us. Congrats, you deserve the break!

  9. What great news!! So happy you are finally going to be able to "settle" somewhere, and stop stressing a bit. I know it's a hard transition, leaving Swamp River Ridge...but think of all the possibilities the future holds for you, and maybe that will help the transition go a little more smoothly. :)

  10. Yippy! If it had to happen, at least we're closer neighbors now!! :) The floors in the house look beautiful! I've always loved that kitchen,too. :)


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