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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

Sunday Night

I got this idea from another blog and various Internet memes - it's a way to update when I don't have any clever posts tripping around my brain.  Feel free to copy/steal/use for yourself!
  • Reading?  My current audio book is Nora Roberts' 'High Noon'.
  • Location?  In the rocker in the corner of the kitchen.
  • Watching?  I watched 'Hollywoodland' this afternoon while I ironed my work clothes for the week.
  • Listening to?  The hum of the refrig, a particularly large (sounding) fly buzzing around, Maisy's sighs while she sleeps at my feet, and the tick-tock-tick-tock of the cuckoo clock.  The house never feels "right" if I've let the cuckoo clock run out.
  • Drinking?  Cheap "three buck chuck" wine:  Tisdale Merlot.
  • Wearing?  Green Polarfleece (but I'm a little too warm in it), blue t-shirt, Carhartt work pants, brown socks, blue generic Crocs.  Sexy, huh?
  • Cooking/Baking?  Boiled some eggs and some bow-tie pasta for a cold salad, but bein's it's already 9:39 PM, I don't think I'm gonna get it made tonight.
  • Happy you accomplished this past week?  That I made it through it?  ;)  Okay, probably the realization that I'm a damn-good salesgirl.  Who knew? 
  • Looking forward to in coming week?  Making money, payday, making my new temporary home more comfortable.
  • Thankful for today?  The weather and the sounds of nothing but the birds, the river, and the wind . . . but both of those are double-edged swords as the former isn't "a good thing", and the latter will soon be lost due to my forced relocation.
Being truthful, how am I?  Meh.  Life sucks, then you die.  No, n . . . SHIT, mosquito!!!!!  Got him.  Oh, hell . . . it's starting already?!

So, yeah, this weather.  Traditionally, we here in northeastern Minnesota receive our greatest amount of snow-per-month in March.  Today?  72 degrees in the shade.  And pretty much all the snow is GONE.  I was wearing shorts while I puttered around.  I kid you not.  Already, I'm having a hard time sleeping at night due to the heat.  BUT, let's look on the bright side:  I'll make sure my next home has a cool bedroom 24/7/365!  Rah, rah, siss-boom . . . blah.  (Insert wan smile.)

Usually, the bugs come out right at the end of May.  I saw two last Thursday and then this one just now.  BizARRE-o!!  The cluster flies are out in droves already, too.  All the windows are spotted from their . . . deposits.  BLECH!

I forgot my first for-my-new-home giftie at work yesterday, so I can't photograph and blog about that today.  :(  For the rest of you fantastic people who have written and asked for my address, hang on 'til Tuesday, will you?  I'm gonna procure a post office box in town 'cause I just CAN'T get to the P.O. out here during open hours anymore.  And I know my mail is piling up there.  So, after payday tomorrow, I'll hit the town P.O. and get a new mailing address.  It's another step away from my home in this little berg, but a necessary one, I know.

That's all.  It's past my bedtime, and I'm gonna try to not think about what I DIDN'T get done today.  Nor am I gonna stay up late to do it.  So there.  ;)


  1. Cuckoo clocks ROCK! I finally got one with $$ from our Wedding gifts several years ago....I had NO idea they were sooooo expensive! I remember the cuckoo at my Grandmother's house and how she's let me (supervised and probably shaking nervously) pull the chains to "wind" it back up. It seems strangely quiet when it stops (if the back door is open the wind will stop the pendulum).

    OH, cuckoo funny; When we first got the cuckoo at the house here, at night Paul would wake up startled every hour (when it cuckoo'ed) and say "what the hell was that??". Every time. For like an entire year.

  2. I will wait for your new address and hint ,my whatchamacallit ,was mentioned in this blog somewhere? food for thought but I can't send it till payday,everyone robbed me AGAIN,you know the old"rob Peter to pay Paul" oh and by the way ,I'm just pretending to be peter--lol---live her up a little,If Paul is word worthy to be a name thats needs to be capitalized ,why not Peter,I know you know the answer!

  3. The weather is so strange all over, I can't help but wonder what this summer will be like, ugh!

  4. Hi, Chicken Mama ~ Just found your great blog, and I'm a new follower ~ so nice to meet you!
    Anne ♥♥ (You made me laugh for the first time today!)

  5. It seems that the world is opening up for you, Chicken Mama! A new follower. Yay! You make a lot of people's day, including mine. Hang in there, grrl!! xx

  6. Anne, WELCOME! And, *I* made *you* laugh? With my current doldrums?! Geez. ;)

    And, Mollie, you are so sweet to say that . . . that I can "make your day" . . . given my current mood!

    Judy, hmmmmm, you've got me thinking!

    Finally, Carolyn Renee, you sweet, sweet secret sender, you! (Btw, I LOVE that about your hubby & the cuckoo clock!!!) I haven't opened my New Home giftie yet, but it *is* in my new home awaiting my attention. Maybe yet tonight?


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