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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

Nuthin' Much

I got a chance to visit with Bundle of Joy and her parents a couple of weeks ago.  We were reading 'Snuggle Puppy' - I must have been at the "Oo-ooo-oooh" part!  ;)  And post- or pre- hot flash with the hot pink ears!

Nuthin' much to report.  I have felt flat-out EXHAUSTED every night this week and have pretty much just gone to bed each evening rather than trying to Get Stuff Done.  Since there's no real reason for it, I'm guessing it's because of all the current mental stress with the house / property.  

I had a meeting with my realtor & good friend again on Monday.  That resulted in more questions and clarifications for my mortgage company.  An e-mail from them waiting for me last night said that they were "reviewing my file" (AGAIN?!!) and would have answers for me today.  Hmph.  That doesn't sound promising.  Or, maybe it's just because I'm asking for specifics now?  Heard back from the lawyer, too, and I have a telephone meeting with her tomorrow.

I'm in on-going e-mail discussions with a couple of people who really want the northern 20 I'm trying to sell, but I have little hope that it will work out for either of them.  Too far out for one and no money for the other.

Annnd, that's about it.  See, not much worth reporting!  With that, I've gotta wash my hair and get ready for work.

But, to end on an up(per) note, which do YOU like better:  more light in the morning or at night (now that we're nearing Spring Forward time for our clocks)?  I'll be getting home while it's still light out next week . . . which will be huge!  But, having the dusky-early-morning-light these mornings has really helped when my alarm goes off . . . and I'll lose that with the changing of the clocks.  Although, I suspect it won't be too long at all until I gain it back as spring gets a firmer hold on our northern hemisphere.


  1. Chicken Mama,

    I feel for you with the stress over the property! Sounds like you're doing everything that you can to handle in the best possible way!

    I prefer having more light in the morning, helps me feel like I'm not being tortured having to be up so darned early!

    Have a great day!

  2. I love the early morning light, as I am often walking to the bus already by 6am. And, on my "later" days, when I'm not at work until 7:45, it makes me feel better about dropping the kids off at school at 7:15am!
    By the way, did you lose a lot of weight with all this stress? Your picture looks different.

  3. Claire, yupper, I have. Not the best way for it to happen, but a good outcome. ;)

  4. I am a rise-with-the-sun person. And I especially love this time of the year because it is the countdown towards the Vernal Equinox. Each clear morning, I can observe the rising sun positioning itself nearer to it's exact equinox positon--which, coincidentally, happens to align with a prominent structure if viewed from the front stoop. Who would of thought that we would have our own Stonehenge solar calendar without any forethought or trying! It's fun!-"M"

  5. I love the light into the evening! I'd take that any day over morning, as I like being able to do things early when it's still dark and nobody is awake to bother me yet :) Ok, your hair has gotten so long and it's gorgeous!! I hope the mortgage company has some good news for you!

  6. Well...you look great, but I'm sorry that it's due to stress. That sucks. I've been there and it felt like a mixed bag...nice to be down in weight but so terrible emotionally! Hang in there....and eat something!


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