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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne


Well, it's no big surprise that I didn't have a chance to check in after Sunday's snowstorm.  I'm still not completely dug out - not all the paths shoveled nor the solar panels completely uncovered (which doesn't really matter since we haven't had any sun, either!).

After plowing twice on Sunday, I again headed in to work with the plow truck on Monday morning.  I left 45 minutes early to accommodate the additional time it would require to plow the 4.5 mile winter driveway for the 3rd time in 24 hours.  Still, I was 45 minutes late to work!  Why?  Ummmm, check this out:

The main road was still unplowed!!!
So, I had to plow an ADDITIONAL 12 miles down to the highway!!!  And, truly, the depth of the snow (over 12") really wasn't the problem as far as plowing went . . . but it kept building up over the radiator of the truck!  That effectively knocked out the defrost inside the truck (couldn't see out the windshield!) AND threatened to overheat the engine.  So, I had to stop 3 times during that long, slow drive to try to chip away the snow now-melting-into-ice on the front of the grill & radiator!  Never a dull moment, eh?!

Here are three pictures out the kitchen window, showing the accumulation of Sunday's snow throughout the day:

1:35 PM

3:57 PM

8:45 PM
When I came in from the evening's plowing, I figured it was time for an Irish whiskey slushy made with that fresh snow.  I opened the front door to step out to the open entrance porch to scoop some of the white stuff, and . . .

The storm had blown in the screen door, and the snow was packed against the solid inner door!  Here, Dosie (Dead Cat) checks it out.  Obviously, I didn't have to go far to fill my glass with fresh snow!!

Meanwhile, Jinx, the baby, was having fun attacking my felted wool handwork bag.

And, with that, I've gotta get back to my day.  Happy Thursday!


  1. I hope you're going to send a bill to the Minniesoda DOT for the plowing you did! Holy Moley! It does seem that winter decided to descend upon us, doesn't it? That Irish Whiskey slushy sounds mighty good! And I L.O.V.E. that felted bag!

  2. Irish Slushy? Hmmmmm. I prefer mine "neat", but admit getting slushy material from your window does sound interesting.

    More kitty pictures!!!

  3. Hey! Are those "my" deer in your new header photo??

  4. You should save and use the window picture with the real wood showing and panes,I love windows with panes,it is just a lovey scene postcard perfect]

  5. I think looking at all that snow I would have put my Irish Creme in some HOT coffee or cocoa. 20 to 30 degrees here and no snow and I whine about being cold. Do love the pictures of the snow tho. I guess if I could stay inside by a rip roaring fire in a wood stove and look at snow out the window I would be ok. Love the picture of the deer.

  6. Mom, yepper, they are! Have a post to write (w/ more pictures) about that, too.

    Judy, REALLY? Which one (1, 2, or 3)? I already deleted 'em all but could still salvage . . .

  7. Love those window photos! Hope you are all snug under a down blanket enjoying that white scenery!

  8. Are those deer hip deep??

    And I was thinking the same thing - sounds like maybe you need to send the DOT a bill! Would it save you gas $$ to drive a snowmobile to work??

  9. #3 silly,or just take a new shot,include a little more of what sot of looks like old=-fashioned sink!

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  11. Hey Chicken Mama I have nominated your blog for a Liebster award, just a little warm fuzzy to pass on in the middle of winter!


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