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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

20 . . . 12!!

Good morning, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!  (Well, it's morning me for . . . I'm just getting going.)  2012 sounds so . . . futuristic!  20 . . . 12!  Wow.  And yet, we don't have robots serving us coffee nor do we drive cars that fly through the air.  Imagine that.  ;)

First thing's first, I made a slight change to the title of this blog.  As I mentioned in the comments section of another post, Googling 'Chicken Mama' brings up this blog instead of (and in addition to) Chicken Mama Designs, the business.  So, in an effort to try to change that, I changed the title.  That said, I am open to other suggestions for the new title.  I'd like to keep 'Lady Homesteader' while keeping 'Chicken Mama' out of it.  You got any better ones?

So, are you sticking to your resolutions?  Now that we're almost 13 hours into the New Year?  Did you drink less / no coffee this morning?  Did you already start that new work-out routine?  Not me, I'm not adding any stress to my New Year!  Ha!  I'm drinking all the coffee I want and NOT working out!  ;)  I did make two resolutions, though.  They are:
  1. Remember to put the living things (animals, then [house]plants) FIRST here on ye ol' homestead.
  2. Work on keeping the house (relatively) clean in 2012!
Unfortunately, I haven't always been good about putting the animals first, even though I want to.  I need to put my words (thoughts) into action.  For example, if I'm running late in the morning (driving into town), I'll forgo giving the birds fresh water, calling out to them, "I know, guys!  I'll get to you tonight!"  That needs to change.  Great inspiration for this resolution came this fall when I paid an unexpected visit to Tanglewoods Homestead.  (Hmmm, what's their new name?  Right, 'North Forest Farm'.)  I hadn't seen the goats or the old barn since they'd gotten it cleaned out and back in working order, and so asked for an introduction.  And, this spur-of-the-moment / didn't-know-company-was-coming peek showed an immaculate barn (well, as far as barns go, you know) and the critters ALL with fresh bedding, food, and water.  Ahhhh:  THAT'S the kind of farmer / homesteader I want to be!!!  She (Mrs. North Forest Farm) is a how-a-livestock-owner-should-be inspiration to me!

My second resolution:  this house is almost always a DISASTER inside (when I'm not expecting company).  And I'm not exaggerating.  I used to joke that if the ex ever had a heart attack or anything, I'd have to drag him out onto the front porch for the paramedics:  I wouldn't let them in to see how messy the house was!  ;)  And, I DON'T want it to be this way.  When visitors stop by unexpectedly (which is what happens most often out here in the sticks), I want to be able to invite them in!  To not have the house in such a state that I'd be embarrassed to do so.  As I was thinking about WHY it's hard for me to keep a clean house this morning, it dawned on me:  it takes too much time.  Time away from things I deem more important.  Welllll, duh . . . of COURSE it takes time!  But, do I want to be able to entertain guests inside?  Yes.  Do I ENJOY the house more when it's clean?  Yes.  So, then (dummy!), it's O-K-A-Y to spend the time required to clean it!

There ya have it, my two resolutions.  I should check in at the beginning of each month to see HOW I'm doing . . . and use that occasion to get myself re-routed, if necessary.  Yep, I think I'll put that on my 2012 calendars when I do them today.

And, with that, I think I'll sign off for now . . . but I'll try to be back later today to regale you with last night's fun and news of a BIRTHDAY!


  1. I totally understand your need to change the title of your blog, but I would suggest possibly dropping the "tall" from it as a "tall tale" is one that has been "stretched" (okay, the teller out and out lied!) to make it more interesting and/or amazing. You, my dear, do not have any need to embellish in any way on the tales you relate. They are all true and honest (sometimes testing your mother's frayed nerves!) to the core. So I don't think you want anyone to question if you are telling tall tales! :o]

  2. Okay, then . . . how about 'The Incredibly Insane Tales of a Lady Homesteader'? ;)

  3. That 'bout describes your life to a "T".

  4. Happy, happy new year! I'm hoping the year ahead brings happiness and all you wish for! You continue to inspire me! Life has been so very busy the last few months, but know I'm hoping to better at checking in most at the holidays are over.

  5. I'm hoping to be better at checking in now that the holidays are over. Darn you auto correct on my iPad!

  6. I haven't even made any resolutions yet LOL, although I have been trying to create a budget and just splurged 4 bucks this morning on a monthly dry erase board so I can make lists, hahaha I guess I just skipped right to the action part of the resolutions, speed is of the essence in this money stuff! I agree with Mama Pea, you don't have any need to create tall tales when the real ones are so awesome :) How 'bout Trying Tales, or Truthful Tales, LOL?! Happy 2012, let it begin, and I hope we can really get ahold of things this year!

  7. you 2 are a riot but your momma is right,again. only wish my children would listen to wisdom and age as well as you do. otherwise love the new tittle . I for one want to just live simply and live it one day at time ,but to remember this I might have to right it on my forehead or forearm. happy new year c.m or formally know as C.M.

  8. Happy New Year:) I too am guilty of letting the house go, sometimes for days, leaving all the cleaning until the weekend, or when company comes over. And I hate the rush of trying to get it cleaned on a time limit. If I took just a few minutes each day, it wouldn't look so bad.
    I like the new name:)

  9. I made a resolution BEFORE Thanksgiving to do something (about the ever increasing size of pants)...then it was for Christmas....then New Years. Ugh. Oh, and I usually only clean when my Mom or company are coming over. I'll think about adding that to my "to resolution" list. Ha.

    BTW, I like "The Incredibly Insane Tales..." title also.

  10. I wait until everyone lists their new year's resolutions, then I steal them. I like the True Tales of a Lady Homesteader. It sounds like an adventure blog! And Happy New Year to YOU!

  11. Mom, I think my thinking (?!) in trying out 'Tall Tales . . . " is because few people would BELIEVE that all these things can happen. Of course, we homesteaders, DIYers know different! ;)

    Becky, maybe I can be an inspiration for "what NOT to do"! Ha! But, thank you. :)

    Erin, YES, I, too hope "we can really get ahold of things this year"!!! Amen to THAT! And $4 for a dry erase board?! Those things are EXPENSIVE!!

    Judy, ha! I'm not sure Mama & Papa Pea would agree with you that I listen to their age & wisdom so well! ;) And I'm still CM, definitely . . . just not in the TITLE of the blog. :)

    Stephanie, that's it EXACTLY: "If I took just a few minutes each day, it wouldn't look so bad." Words to live by!

    Carolyn Renee, don't you know you should NEVER make resolutions that involve eating / the size of your pants BEFORE the holidays???? Silly girl. ;)

    Susan the Great, THANKS! xo

  12. You might want to try Flylady.net to help you organize your time for cleaning your house. I have heard raves about her methods for keeping you on track with keeping up with your house. (My own method is just not to keep too much STUFF around and not to leave small jobs like dishes undone because it is always harder to get them done later)

    As for your blog title how about True and Harrowing Tales of a Lady Homesteader - pretty accurate!!


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