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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

Time to Update

Mornin'!  Time to update (i.e. a day at home), but not much to say.  That said, I'll probably write a hugely long post . . . as I have in the past.  ;)

The weather remains unusually warm and mild.  And, that's good for me:  not having fired up the heat (outdoor wood furnace) yet.  No need for it.  Even the fires built in the Kalamazoo (stove in the middle room) each night when I get home are a thing of the recent past.  The down side to the warmth is the insane hatch of cluster flies everyone is fighting this fall.  They're the worst anyone has seen.  For me, it's a toss-up which room to have the long-armed vacuum and ladder in . . . too bad it can't be everywhere at once!  For the past few days, I've been focusing The Great Suck Up in the bedroom, but I'll move it all to the kitchen today.  It's just so gross to have a constant buzzing sound be the background noise in there.  BLECH!  I can't wait for the cold weather to eradicate them . . . and then wash the windows!

I haven't heard a thing back re that secretarial job.  And, since interviews were supposed to take place today, tomorrow, and Wednesday, I don't have high hopes.  The woman I was e-mailing about it seemed SO excited for me to apply . . . but, since I've heard nothing from the hiring committee, I'm guessing it was an internal, already-decided deal that she wasn't privy to . . . until after her conversations with me.  I think I'll shoot her off an e-mail, though, just inquiring.  Matter of fact, I'll do that right now.  Hang on.  Okay, done.

I also responded to an ad for seasonal fish-processing work . . . and didn't hear a thing back from THAT!  Wahhhhh, nobody wants me!  I'm sure many of you are saying, "Fish processing?!  You should be GLAD you didn't hear back!"  But, no, it's a good paying gig (or so I've heard - don't know for sure yet), and I'd love to learn how to do this stuff by hand.  A dying art, and all that rot.  Okay, follow-up e-mail sent there now, too.

And, still trying for a licensed kitchen, I contacted one of the local motels that supposedly has a new kitchen that isn't being used . . . but I haven't heard back from THEM, either!  Follow up e-mail now sent to them, too.

I responded to a well-known local business looking to redesign their website, as well.  No response.  BUT, the owner is not what I'd consider the most organized nor a timely responder, so that lack of communication doesn't surprise me.  

On the up side, I did sell an item on eBay last night for just over $50, so that's better than a kick in the head . . . but it's all, overall, still frustrating.  I am going to get another listing or two up on eBay today, though, and having items there to sell does provide a cheap thrill when you check them to see what the bids are up to.  Gotta get my excitement somewhere, huh?  ;)  'Course, then there are the items that don't garner a single bid . . . !

Oh, and one more "up", I finally got a full rack of cards into the office of my realtor friend (who let me display a good number of my large pieces there in his foyer) on Saturday.  I'd planned to have that all together in time for Memorial Day Weekend.  Ha!  'Course, maybe if I trick myself into believing that I meant Memorial Day Weekend of 2012 instead of 2011, I can say that I'm ahead of schedule!  You know that old saying, "I'm so far behind I thought I was 1st!"  Yup, that's me!

I had to come up with a payment box - that's the brown thing next to the card rack - so customers could slip their cash/checks in there w/o having to bother the realty office receptionist to pay.
Papa Pea generously sharpened my favorite chainsaw for me this past week, so I'll spend some quality time with the woodpile again today.  He did caution, though, that I can't let it get SO dull before bringing it to him next time.  My thinking had been that I'd use up the sharp teeth until I was practically using the thing as a handsaw . . . to save him from frequent sharpenings.  But, apparently, that only makes it worse and harder to properly sharpen.  Doh!  A learning lesson . . . but, unfortunately, one that HE had to do all the work for and only relay to me!

I'm "reading" (audio) a really good book right now:  'One Thousand White Women' by Jim Fergus.  It's fiction but written in a non-fiction journal form.  Where would I be w/out my audio books?!  They're what keep me sane during all these stressful times.  Although, sometimes they lead to stress:  I've COMPLETELY lost one of the cassette tapes to a long-ago listened-to book, and the library's replacement value for it is $69.00.  In the meantime, I'm racking up late fees and am unable to check out any more items until I've either returned the missing tape or paid the replacement fee.  So, an even MORE in-depth (than what I've done so far) search for it is on the docket today.  Maybe I'll find my cellphone-to-charger cord at the same time!  (I had to buy a new one after that disappeared.)

My list for the day only has 9 things on it.  I could spend HOURS on a few of the tasks, but, hopefully, by the end of the day, I'll have spent SOME time on all of them.

So, what are YOU currently stressing about?  Tell me, so I can know we're all under unreasonable pressure right now.  ;)

Update:  just got this response (very nice of her to do so) re the secretarial job. 
We had 14 applicants and have narrowed it down to 4 and are starting interviews tonight.  If those 4 don't work, we narrow again and set up interviews.  I am sorry you didn't make the first 4, but things could change . . . will keep you posted and send out an email if and when we do fill the position tonight.


  1. It's just hell being overqualified. But you are doing the right thing - lots of irons in the fire will produce a keeper! That fish business sounds interesting.

  2. I agree, keep throwing apps around whenever you hear of something, most people I know who are happy in their work kind of "fell" into it! And fish processing? You won't hear a peep from me, I think those types of jobs are fantastic for those that like to do them ( I would be one!) and if you ask hubby, he's say "that's hawt"... LOL. There's way too many people in the world that are unemployed simply because they are too proud to do "certain types of jobs"... puleeze... you deserve to be picked up for something good soon, you are a hard worker, creative and willing to do real work, there's nothing better, now we just need employers who are hiring to start knocking! Hang in there!

  3. I forgot to add that I L.O.V.E. that new header photo - Beautiful!

  4. so sorry C.M. about the job thing I continue to worry about my kids keeping a good job-but up there -if you don't make it on your own,you don't want to flip burgers at the local resort. although from what I hear of my brother's musings ,his son made big bucks as a dock boy at a local resort in deer river,you know ,last of the big time spenders-emptying out there wallet as they come into shore with there big catch of the day-I'm pulling for you -that some big game hunter to come sweep you off your feet

  5. CM- Hi, I have been reading your blog for a long time now and I don't think I ever posted before. I just wanted to let you know I just said a prayer for you.

    I really enjoy your blog. I have been reading some others from your site and MamaP's site so I know you have a great support group.You are for some good news!

  6. Susan, that's me: irons in the fire! Good thing I *like* to iron. ;p And THANKS re the header photo - I'm pretty pleased with that one, m'self!

    Erin, I still haven't heard back re the fish processing. I might pop into their shop tomorrow to inquire in person.

    Judy, at this point, adding a relationship into the mix might be too much! So, instead of a big game hunter to sweep me off my feet, how about an unexpected windfall of money? :)

    Barb, THANK YOU! Finding out that I have readers I don't know about is just about the coolest thing ever. Truly. And, thank you for your prayer . . . while I'm not as bad off as some, I *DO* feel like I'm due that karmic break!

  7. Hi CM- Hang in there, girl! I feel sure something will come along for you. You have a lot of strengths that the right person is going to see.


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