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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

Monday, Monday

You know that whole theory behind "if I sit down, I'll never get up again"?  Yup, that's me this morning.  Today's my Saturday, and I let myself stay up late last night (but fell asleep watching a taped TV show) and then slept in this morning.  But, I feel totally run over now.  Joints ache, dull headache, heavy body . . . ugh.  I was SO looking forward to what I'd get done these two precious days at home, but now I feel like I just want to crawl under a blanket on the couch upstairs and shut the world out.  Do nothing.  Nap.  Watch movies.  Crochet.  Whatever.  BUT, I know I'll feel better if I get up off my arse and make a productive day of it.  And, it's GORGEOUS out!  I haven't taken a walk in a while (99% due to the summer's excess crop of mosquitoes), so I think I'll try to do that today.

Last night, I had a MUCH overdue visit with My Girl, my adopted daughter.  We hadn't seen each other in at least 3 weeks, I think (due to busy schedules), so there was MUCH to catch up on.  She's such a lovely, beautiful, wonderful person, and being with her always makes me happy.  On occasion, though, hearing of her life and current experiences DOES make me feel o-l-d!  Last night was one of those times, but, fortunately, it was just a passing reality.  And, really, what IS so wrong with that (feeling old)?  After all, I *am* 21 years older than she, old enough to be her (albeit very young) mother.

Ironically enough, the forest fire that was causing so much smoke during Uncle M and Aunt D's visit is a problem for us no longer.  At least, not in these past fews days.  It's leveled out at just under 94,000 acres burned, and they're beginning to be able to get a handle on it.  As of last night, it was 19% contained, and there were 598 personnel (on the ground firefighters and in-air pilots) fighting it.  Fire crews and wildland fire trucks are a common sight around here these days.  And, we got our first rain in an AGE yesterday, and it was a fantastic one:  steady downfall all day long.  INVALUABLE to forest fire prevention and treatment!

Aunt D suffers from asthma and, Murphy's Law, the smoke was TERRIBLE almost the entire 10 days they were here . . . causing her to feel sick for the majority of their vacation.  :( One morning, it was so thick here at home that the sun coming up shone thick shafts of light through the thick blue pall covering everything.

Arrival of the smoke cloud to envelope town.
Above and below:  general appearance of town during family visit.

Last Monday, we had a SEVERE storm blow through that was, interestingly enough, caused BY the fire!  As I was getting ready to leave home, it got so dark that I had to turn lights on in the house just to see.  Then, this hit:

I stopped when I was almost down to the highway and in the full sun.  The contrast of the black sky against the green trees was startling . . . but, of course, didn't show in a photograph nearly as much as I would have liked.
Earlier in the week, the family stopped by my gallery in town to "shop" (family shops for free, natch!).  A good picture of them all, I think, although Uncle M accused me of Super Sizing him via Photoshop.  ;)  L-R:  Aunt D, Uncle M, Papa & Mama Pea.
Okay.  Coupled with other things, this post has taken me all morning, so I'll sign off for now and continue updating another time.  Happy Monday!


  1. I just can't get over that photo of your mom,are you sure you guys didn't fly in a replacement and the real mom is home slaving? she does not look her age at all--good genes!

  2. If "mom" had stayed home slaving, she wouldn't be so far behind now!! (I guess I do clean up pretty good but look more like I've just cleaned out the chicken house most days!) But thank you, judy, for being so complimentary.

  3. Judy, it must be their "clean living". :) And, yeah, I've always thought I have a super pretty mama. And good lookin' dad (who does not age AT ALL)!


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