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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

Miffy Miffy Tu Tu

Happy birthday me,
Happy birthday to meee,
Happy BIRTH-DAY to me-eeeeee,
Hap-py birthday to ME!

Yup, it's my birfday today.  My MiffyMiffyTuTu.  (Mom, WHY did Grandma call birthdays that??)

I wrote the above on Tuesday which was (duh) my birthday!  And, a "big" one - the big 4-0!  It feels GOOD to be 40!  Very solid!  Very now-you-are-officially-an-adult and your life is YOURS!  Be responsible for yourself, be accountable to no one.  (In a good way!)

I received a HUGE slew of congrats via Facebook but only 1 physical card in the mail!  Ha - if that's not a sign of social / cultural change, I don't know what is!  An old girlfriend and her family (referred to as Cabin Girl in an earlier post) were up for the holiday week, and while, her wonderful girls watched the dogs for me that night, her mom and The Peanut's / Bunny's mom (Cabin Girl's sister-in-law) took me out for a truly fantastically terrific night.  The only down side of the evening was that it was hideously hot out and it took a long time to cool off - even right down on the lake at the restaurant where we ate dinner.  The view couldn't be beat, though, and I took a great picture . . . but just haven't figured out how to download it from my phone yet!

After a long, absolutely leisurely dinner, the new mommy (remember that Bunny was born at the end of April) headed home after checking in only to find out that the poor little guy had been scream-crying at his daddy all night long.  ;)  Cabin Girl and I then headed down to the best local tavern to enjoy chocolatinis for dessert.  (Although, if memory serves, we'd all just shared a slice of amazing cake at the restaurant - ha!)  The headache I had the next morning reminded me that I should have stopped with the cocktails one earlier than I did (!), but that's what splurging is for, right?  :)  Following the tavern, Cabin Girl drove me to her cabin where   

Okay, this is me throwing my hands up in abject I-give-up-ness.  I just wrote a HUGE post with pictures and everything.  Clicked Publish and nothing happened.  Clicked it several more times and nothing happened.  Clicked Save and then Publish and nothing happened.  But, I'd published it, so it was fine.  And saved everything.  Typed my blog URL into my browser . . . and no new blog post.  Back-tracked to frantically copy-and-cut my long entry just to make SURE it was saved . . . and it's gone.  I give up.


  1. Well, at least I know these computer glitches (do we need a stronger word here?) happen to computer-savvy people and not just computer-illiterate ones like me! Sorry for your aggravation this morning!

    The "miffy miffy tu tu" phrase needs more space for explanation than I should take here. Maybe if I manage to get a post up today on my blog, I'll explain it there. I'm sure there are millions of readers just dying to know!

  2. I do that all the time and usually isn't the computers fault.I'm in a hurry to run wait on someone or in a hurry because someone else wants to hog the computer besides me!my worst habit is by far .hitting the caps key and leaving it on----oh,you already noticed that. I HAVE NOT DONE - TAKE THAT BACK--I just did it sorry.sorry about your momma-what a scare---bees-can't live with them,can't live without them.

  3. Well listen here missy, there are computer bugs everywhere because your last 3 post just showed up for me!

    I am SO sorry especially that I missed this Miffy Miffy Tu Tu...and I certainly want to hear about that!

    Morever, a very HAPPY Belated Birthday to you!

    Many, many wonderful people came from good ole 1971! :oD Us girls gotta stick together!

  4. LOL I noticed we got hit with 3 posts from you, too! Happy Birthday, love the photo! If it makes you feel better, I only got a couple physical cards too, and guess who they were from LOL?! Amazing how much technology seems to be replacing good old fashioned behavior.

    Judy, LOL I knew you were hitting that caps key! I'm bad about the "LOL" stuff, we all have our things I guess :)


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