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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

Memorial Day Week, Continued

Memorial Day Week Saga, Part III

Last Thursday, both the kids in my care had already-runny noses, so, between the three of us, there was constant nose blowing and wiping.  Despite how we were all feeling, it was a gorgeous day and so we got in two walks:  one in the morning and one in the afternoon.
Una forgot how her sick self would feel when we were on the way home and she had to push the double stroller UP this hill!  ;)
The rocky knob in the distance is called Camp Five Mountain.  It's a 30-minute hike from Swamp River Ridge, and you can see both the Pigeon & Swamp Rivers from the top of it.  Just GORGEOUS!
Here's E with Tucker:  he's just the right size for little ones!
E was AMAZED at all the "pwetty yewow flowews" (dandelions)!
"Hewe, I picked these flowews for YOU, Una!"  (Awwwww!)
Our second walk of the day took us up to the trapper cabin, and E felt he should clean the porch.  :)
While I oversaw E's cleaning endeavors, C and the dogs patiently waited.
It wasn't until the end of the day and time for jammies that I had the occasion to see the top of C's onesie.  I think you can "read" why I had to snap this picture!  :)

Do you notice how bundled up she was?  Una doesn't really realize just how cool she keeps her house (especially in the shoulders months when the Central Boiler is turned off but it's not yet hot outside) until she has little ones in it!  It took a couple of days of nannying before the brain finally kicked in and I had cozy fires going each morning when they arrived!

While the daddy of the family continued the work on the second story of their cabin on Friday, the mama had her first whole day there and spent the majority of it cleaning, cleaning, cleaning the interior with solutions of bleach water and vinegar water.  The mattresses, comforters and even the new bed frames had to be thrown out.  Everything had to be pulled away from the (finished) walls and the tongue and groove liberally sprayed with mold-killing substances.

As I headed to their land that evening with the kiddies both tucked into their jammies and a good dinner in their bellies, I met them already on the road & driving towards Swamp River Ridge.  Even though the late light would have provided them with visibility for a couple more hours of work, they were plumb exhausted come 5:00.  Matter of fact, on a couple of mornings, the daddy headed out early to work from 5:00 - 8:00 AM before meeting up with the mama to either drop the kids off with me or make runs to the lumber yard, etc.  (Remember, too, that their land is off-grid AND they have a bit of a hike in to their building site.  EVERYTHING needs to be hauled in their long, single-person-width trail.)

What did I do that night after the vehicle / kiddo transfer?  Beats me, but I'm sure I went home to do chores and then collapse!

The weather was gorgeous on Friday, and it was warm out, but the bugs were TERRIFIC!  I didn't realize that until we were well into that day's walk.

It was hot enough that both Maisy & Tucker took every opportunity to get into the cool water along the sides of the road.

This picture is not the best because the mosquitoes & blackflies were SWARMING when I stopped the stroller to quickly take this shot, but they are Bird's-Foot Violets.  (I think.)
Right after I took the picture of the flowers, E asked me to take a picture of him.  He had a GREAT smile on his face, and it would have been a terrific shot . . . but just as the shutter snapped, a blackfly got him!  So, instead, you get reactionary action shots!  ;)
OWW!  Somethin' just bit me!

Poor little guy!  Una, DO something!
And, with that, I'll leave you for today.  Hold tight for the 4th installment.


  1. Great photos! I still can't imagine how hard it is for them dealing with the damage to their cabin, good thing you were there for support!

  2. Wow-what a big week you had. So discouraging about your friend's cabin! I know your being there to help with the kiddos and provide much needed support made a huge difference for them. Hope you're feeling better by now!

  3. I've hiked up Camp 5 Mtn from the river and it sure felt like a whole lot longer than 30 minutes to the top!!! LOL


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