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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

Bah Humbug. Again.

Good morning.  It's another bah humbug day, post, whatever.  Actually, after several days of wet, wet, soaking wet, the sun is out, and I don't see a single cloud in the sky . . . just a lightweight pall of grey-blue hanging over the valley from the wildfire north of Swamp River Ridge in Ontario.  But, there's just SO MUCH to do this time of year, and it seems like no matter how much you get done in any single day, it's not enough to feel any satisfaction.  That's my grump, grumble, bah-humbug perspective.  Helpful, huh?  ;)

I had a nice dinner last night with My Girl although neither of us had much to share, catch-up on . . . even though we hadn't seen each other for about a week.  Or more.  After I got gas and headed out of town, I stopped at Bundle of Joy's house for a quick visit (organized earlier in the day) with her mama (B of J was already in bed) and then her daddy, too, when he returned from his volunteer firefighter meeting.  Didn't see any critters on the way home (except deer which are so common as to not "count") save one little baby bunny I had to smartly swerve to avoid.  But, I did see an adorable little bear yesterday AM on my way to work.

Anyway, when I finally got home last night - around 11:00 (I think?) - I just WASN'T tired.  So, I added the final amounts of water to the laundry detergent in-the-making and set it to simmer, made myself a cup of tea, and sat down with the new ULINE catalog.  Went to bed a bit after midnight and COULD NOT FALL ASLEEP.  I lay there listening to the police scanner (yeah, I am a bit odd) telling of a caller who was reporting, from a bar, that a fellow in his party had pulled a gun on him earlier.  But, the gun was left at their cabin before they went to the bar.  Could a cop come and talk to him?  A little later, the dispatcher said that the caller had left the group and was waiting to speak to the cop in a parking lot because now he thought the guy DID have the gun with him!  The last dispatch I remember hearing was at 1:17 AM before I finally conked out.  (See what "excitement" I might have missed w/o the scanner on to "lull" me to sleep?!  Ha!)

My weekdays in at the office (when I can't put out my sandwich board to attract walk-in gallery customers) continue to be aggravating.  Due to interruptions and the day-to-day stuff of owning a business like paying the bills, etc., I seem to get NOTHING done when I'm there.  But, I feel like I need to have that in-town presence established, so I don't feel I can work from home yet two MORE days a week.  Today I will close my door in an effort to get more work on this big website & brochure project done.  On one of my days working from home earlier this week, I spent all my business hours that day putting together the products page of this website.  And, it being a lumber company, you can imagine that that was a BIG, involved page.  Lots of links, etc.  At the end of the day, after having saved and published to the Internet at regular intervals ALL day, I fat-fingered something and LOST THE WHOLE DAMN THING!  Aaaaaaagh!!!!!!!!  I could not have been more frustrated!  So, I spent the business hours of the next day recreating the entire thing.  Non-billable hours, of course, since the error was mine.

My non business hours of Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were profitable, though.  After having spent the previous couple of weeks on outside stuff, the house had fallen into an abysmal state of ill grace, and so I focused on that.  Made some real progress, and the house is much nicer to come home to at night, but why does it never seem to be ENOUGH?  Again, I say, "Bah HUMBUG!"  And ppppbbbbbbttt!

I think I'm buying a piano today.  One was advertised yesterday on our local eBulletin board, and I corresponded with the seller for much of the day.  (Maybe THAT'S why I didn't get much done in the office!  Duh.)  I've wanted one for quite some time.  Do I play?  Of course not.  But, I've always wanted to learn.  I'll just add that to my short list of Things I Want To Do.  (Insert hysterical laughter).  I've arranged for Bundle of Joy's daddy and his hired hands to move it for me, and that's really the biggest hurdle.  The seller only wants $50 for it.  Just to get it out of her house, I think.  I'll look at it today and then make my decision.

The local two-day arts festival is next weekend, and I'm participating this year.  Only on an abbreviated scale, and I'll share the table with an author friend.  Wonderfully, she'll (wo)man the table all of Saturday and Sunday morning so I can be in my gallery in town to, hopefully, grab some 4th of July tourists.  Then, I'll relieve her on Sunday afternoon.  I have great, unrealistic expectations of everything I'll have ready to display and sell there.  Ha.  When will I fit that in??

Tonight I'm picking up (now 2 1/2 years old) Baby Girl from daycare and bringing her to her house.  Her mom will be home a couple of hours later.  Her daddy is a highly-skilled hotshot (the actual term) firefighter and has unexpectedly been sent out to Texas for two weeks.  The Texas Forest Service reports that the period from October of last year to April of this year was the driest seven-month period in recorded Texas history.  They're fighting a massive amount of fires right now.  And, Baby Girl's mom is the wedding coordinator for the most-used wedding location on the North Shore, and she has a rehearsal tonight.  Hence the need for a little help.  I haven't seen this little one in a couple of weeks, and so it will be a real treat!

And, with that, I've procrastinated enough.  Time to get out of my housecoat and ON WITH IT!  I hope YOU have a wonderfully productive day!  May I have the same!


  1. Why can't you have a sandwich board out during the week? FoxyLady :) or shall I :(

  2. A baby bear,isn't momma bear lurking somewhere?yea that rain kinda squashed my boys fishing/vac trip. plus john forgot to bring devins nebulizer and he needed it. the pontoon that came with the cabin didn't run but since my brother lives up there -[deer river] he informed my boys to go to a local damn-could fish off shore or what -ever. They had a bad experience on the way back home [ I mentioned it in momma 's blog ] hey- you had me going there -with the piano thing and all that hysterical laughter I though -I'm really talking to Sybil lol

  3. Well now I just HAVE to bring Finn up to see you, he can "bang" on your piano LOL... in all seriousness he's getting pretty good for a little guy, it's been only a year of lessons so far. My grandma used to always listen to her "scanter" LOL, when I was a teenager I was always afraid she'd hear my name when some random out in the sticks party got busted, ha! My kids would never believe the stories if I told them :)

  4. I can so relate Chicken Mama! With our company implementing a new computer system in 2 weeks, between going away for training, then the working early/late and practicing at home, I have accomplished not much at all. I will give my kiddos kudos for keeping the house clean, but there are certain things I need to get done and just can't right now. Oh well, it will still be there when things settle.

  5. FoxyLady, oh, it's a long story but it has to do with the two non-profits in my building and their need to keep things somewhat private.

    Judy, I was a little scattered, wasn't I? Lots of tangents. Yep, just call me Sybil! :) And, btw, that's RIDICULOUS that the houseboat didn't work . . . when they'd PAID for this cabin / boating! Shame their weekend was kinda a dud. :( Oh, and yeah, I was looking for Mama Bear, but I think it must have been a small yearling that had been kicked out once this year's cub(s) arrived.

    Erin, now I just need to get the piano here and then tuned! Has some sticky keys, but it's a really lovely piece. I'm looking forward to finding serial numbers on it and researching it!

    Stephanie, ugh, yes: computers, busyness, blah, blah, blah. And, you're right, it WILL still all be waiting once we can get around to it. I wonder if that's one of the "problems"? It doesn't magically get done while we're away or busy w/ other things! ;)


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