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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

A Good Day

Whoo-ee, I'm tired!  But, the "good" tired!  The physical, "I'm sore" kinda tired.  The kind of tired where, when I get up from typing this post and eating this slice of cold, homemade pizza and drinking my whiskey-7, I'll be movin' like an old woman!

I had a good day today, a really nice day!  My daddy, Papa Pea, came out this morning for some putterin' around.  Checked on this (the bee hive) and that (the old Suburban which is my back-up plow truck but which also lost its transmission and has been outta commission) and a few other things.  We started our morning with the requisite pot of old-fashioned percolated coffee on the 100 year old stove (for 14 minutes, thank you very much:  no more and no less).  Then, a late lunch while sharing a Newcastle, finished the visit.  We had cold pizza (I made a pizza last night and then was so tired by the time it was out of the oven that I put it directly into the refrig!) and homemade cottage cheese and homemade spiced applesauce.  Kind of a mish-mosh, but it served its purpose.  And I shared my Easter fudge with him:  it's DELISH!   

And, truth be told, that wasn't the very end of his visit.  Following a spirited discussion while looking at plat maps and Google earth, I did have to get in the car and follow him out, part of the way, so we could take a gander at a small body of water that he was convinced was a new lake and which I was convinced was overflow from the beaver dam.  (I was right.  Ha!  But, fair's fair:  I know the area a L-O-T better than he does.)  Dad left then, to get home in time for the first of the year's bee meetings.  Yeah, I am in the association, but I'm not gonna drive 2 hours on my day off for a 1 hour meeting.  Sorry.

After he was gone, I sat down and did about 45 minutes of office work.  I've got a client's new website n-e-a-r-l-y ready to unveil (and this is the time of year when tourists begin looking for vacation rentals - which is her business), but I've had to subcontract out for a little bit of FTP work (which I don't know and don't WANT to know!).  I checked the status of what he'd done and got back to him with a lot of "okay, the changes on Page A look good but the links still direct to the old site rather than the new one", blah, blah, blah.

Then, since the weather was loverly today (a high of 60 with a breeze - MY kind o' weather!), I headed back outside for yard work.  Uncovered the last of the day lilies which are about 3" high.  Raked and raked.  WHERE does all that JUNK come from between last fall and now??  Dumped two wheelbarrow loads full of same in the chicken yard for the geese to sift through.  Pruned quite a few trees.  (Dad, that tree you were asking about off the front path?  Once I was pruning it, I realized it's a Red Maple.)  Cleaned up all the lupines and removed the old stalks.  Took off their wire barriers now that they're well established and ringed them with rock.  (Now, if Maisy just doesn't go digging there, thinking those are HER rocks for me to throw!)  More raking, then hooked up the hose to spray off the one (most used) of the two slate walkways.  Didn't have much luck since the nozzle was kaput, and I had to use my thumb to "regulate" (and I *do* use that term loosely) the output.  That task needs to be re-done once I buy a new nozzle.  Then, did some "extra" of the "regular" chores (those of you on homesteads know what I mean) and finally, whew, came inside just before 8:00 PM.

Now I think I'm gonna relax with some CSI on Netflix and crocheting.

How 'bout YOU?  What did you do today?  (Besides feel earthquakes and/or jets falling on your house, Erin?)  ;p

Oh, and P.S.?  The end is near:  first mosquito bite of the year today.  (Noooooooooooooooooo!)


  1. Wow, you got lots done! Cold pizza sounds great to me. Hubby is gone on training and the teen didn't want dinner so I fixed Ramen noodles. I did odds and ends around the place, worked on the council minutes I type up for the city (they are so boring I have to threaten myself), did outside chores and babysat the neighbor boy for an hour or so (easiest $25 ever). Hoping to do more of the same tomorrow.

  2. Dad came home reporting he and you had a fantabulous day together. You didn't talk about the "other thing" you two did, but I'm being a baaad person for teasing you about that! ;o} I enjoyed my day home alone but didn't get nearly as much done as I thought I would. (Now why shouldn't I be surprised at that?) Wish you could have been at the bee meeting tonight. Great turn-out and some enthusiastic newbies. The season is lookin' good. Got any of that pizza left??

  3. Ruth, ramen for dinner? EASY! (I.e. NICE!)

    Mom, teasing me for . . . what? Huh? I'm totally lost. But, I can't believe there was a great turn-out tonight, tho! That's WONDERFUL! You'll have to fill me in!

  4. We had warnings of bad weather and then some but no news flashes about the dam blasted mosquitoes,wouldn't cha think so-hello,this is MN,after all. you bet ya and for those of you that don't understand MN. talk go to"
    How yo talk Minnesotan" A Visitors Guide as heard on the
    "A Prairie;s Home Companion "by Howard Mohr

  5. I'm waaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy down south of you, and we are having crazy 90 degree temps the past few days. I'm sure it will pass...I live in IL, across the river and through the woods from St Louis. Don't have but a small piece of dirt, but it's amazing how much work there is to do!

    I raise chickens and and have just yesterday finished putting in the gardens. My bones and joints are aching happily.

    Loving your blog, and glad to know that there is life up that far north, lol. We have family in Eau Claire and in the twin cities, as well.

    I've been reading a few days, and will sirely find my way back!

  6. I love that you are getting so much done around your place, I can tell through your writing that things are getting better and you are feeling productive and that can't help but make you feel accomplished and good! LOVE that you are finding time for your homemade goodies.

    Yes, I better blog about the earthquake/jet crash/mystery noise now!


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