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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

A Day of Progress . . . I Hope!

Good morning!  I had an extremely abbreviated day at the office yesterday:  I was there not more than an hour total, tops.  Why?  Vet appointments.  I had Bonzi (cat) spayed a couple of weeks ago, and she needed to have her stitches taken out.  Maisy and Tucker were overdue for rabies vaccinations and couldn't travel to the regular vet in Canada before they were up-to-date.

Unfortunately, Bonzi KNEW what had happened to her the last time I'd put her into the carrying crate and then into the car, and so she couldn't be found when it was time to leave!  Fortunately, after shutting the dogs (who might be tempted to chase her) in the car, I called and called and called and called . . . and finally she came around the house from the valley side.  Her anxiety only increased in the car, though, I'm sad to report:  she did a dang good job of cleansing her body of any/all waste . . . poop, pee, and vomit.  Poor thing.  It was only last night when I was on my way home that I remembered having purchased an anti-stress OVC med for the cats when traveling!  Duh.  Will have to try that next time (if) they have to go anywhere in the car.

I thought this was dear:  right after she cleaned out her gut and the car began to reek, Tucker was still cuddled up to her as if to say, "It's gonna be okay.  Just a little while longer!"

Poor Papa Pea had to help with cleaning Bonzi and the cage up, but, fortunately, he was already wearing overalls!  Mama Pea was gone on errands in town:  I don't think she was sorry to have missed it.  ;)  Of course, it wasn't until Bonzi was back in the crate and I was at the vet's that I found out that Pine-Sol can cause seizures in cats!  Argh!  Fortunately, Papa Pea had only put a tiny splosh into the water, and the vet couldn't even smell it when we were in the exam room, so she assured me that all was fine.  

But, a warning to all you pet owners out there:  these are SAFE cleaning agents if you have cats & dogs in the house:
  • 1 Part Bleach to 20 Parts Water (but not good if you have a septic system)
  • Murphy's Oil
  • Vinegar & Water, Half & Half

Any-way . . . between getting in late due to Bonzi, two hours at the vet's and then the very limited time at the office and finally leaving town early so as to get the stressed Bonzi home . . . it was a useless day, business-wise.  And, weirdly enough, I absolutely CRASHED when we got home!  I was actually worried that I was coming down with something because, every time I tried to get up to force myself to do something, I groaned, "Ohhhhhh, my gawd."  So, about all I got done was chores last night.  I am tired this AM but I think I feel okay.  Really, though, I've not woken up or moved enough to tell yet.

Here's hoping that the way I felt last night was a fluke, and I'll get LOTS done at the office today!!!


  1. These funny amimals! It's such a funny thing how we have to, need to, love to have them and at the same time they cause such trouble. I'm glad all's well and the pets are in good shape now. :) Give Bonzi(sp?) and extra snuggle from me. Hugs to you too!

  2. I ENVY YOU GETTING TO GO RIGHT OUT YOUR BACK DOOR TO CANADA AND BACK IN A FLASH. I HAVE HEARD OF SO MANY TALES AND ADVENTURES PEOPLE BRING HOME FROM THERE AND I HAVE NEVER BEEN. ABOUT THE FARTHEST I GET IS DOWN THE ROAD TO THE GROCERY STORE OR TO THE VA. don't feel sorry for me tho. I live vicariously through other peoples adventures. that is of my own choosing.[ I get panic attacks if I leave home ] there ,know you know one of "those people "too.

  3. Tucker looks pathetic, LOL! Yikes, that must have been stressful for YOU cleaning up after kitty!

  4. I had a cat who did that trick when riding in cars - so sad! But it doesn't sound like a wasted day at all - just necessary stuff for a responsible pet owner :)


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