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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne


In the past convoluted few weeks, I can't remember to whom I've told what.  Particularly, this important piece of information:  the ex moved!

When he returned from supporting Explorer Guy on his solo attempt of ascending Denali in January and our relationship was still ignorantly good (i.e., I didn't know about the affair and had yet to process the fact that he and my ex-dear friend had decided to see each other), he said that he was thinking of going back to Talkeetna, Alaska . . . to live.  And now, perhaps precipitated by the ugliness of the past few weeks (?), he's made the move.  Supposedly.  I think.  (He was to have left last Monday - driving - but, since I'm no longer in contact with him, I have no idea if he did or not . . . although there's no evidence to the contrary.)

ANYWAY, one of my dear friends dubbed last Sunday (the ex's original departure date) as Sayonara Sunday.  ;)  And, I received two WONDERFUL packages of support for the auspicious occasion.  The first came in the form of this lovely bouquet of flowers hand-delivered to me in my office by the owner of the local flower shop.

THANK YOU, sweet Jean!  xo
One of the benefits of living in a small town is having people "know" you, know your tastes.  This arrangement was comprised of a simple wicker basket plus the flowers and foliage.  No frou-frou bows or ribbons.  Perfectly "me", thanks to Jean and the flower shop owner!

The second unexpected pick-me-up arrived a week ago yesterday.  I'd been told to look for a package arriving in my business mail box.  What I DIDN'T expect was such a BIG package with FRAGILE labels all over it!  As far as I can tell (more on that later), the box contained three separate goodies (yes, I ripped into it at the post office!).  Here's the one I've unpacked and been using all week:

"I'm not saying she's a slut.  Well, okay, yes, I am."
Ha!  Why not fight fire with . . . humor?!  I LOVE it!  Thank you, Erin.  :)  It's my new office mug.

Now, regarding the remainder of this large package . . . I am reserving unpacking the rest of it for Down Days.  Difficult Days.  Days that I need a pick-me-up.  Does that make sense?  Erin, I *hope* you don't mind that I'm stretching it out!  For those of you on the edges of your seats, though, I will reveal what sneak peeks have shown:  a voodoo doll, complete with pins (ha!), and . . . this is hysterical! . . . a wedding ring COFFIN!!!!  So, stayed tuned for upcoming pictures of those . . . as soon as I take them out to "play with" 'em . . . just like a kid at Christmas!  :)

I have received SO many comments and e-mails and wonderful, supportive cards (thank you, my "personal doctor", you know I lurv you!) in these past couple of weeks.  I haven't responded to any of them yet, though, because, in order to do so, I have to go "back there", mentally, to "that place".  And, when I'm having good days, I just DON'T WANT TO relive these past weeks!  I know you understand that.  But, PLEASE, know how APPRECIATIVE and GRATEFUL and THANKFUL I am for EACH and EVERY ONE OF YOU!  Yes, I mean YOU, sitting there in front of your computer or reading this on your iPhone.  YOU.  Thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart.  I don't know WHAT I'd do without such overwhelming support.  xoxoxo

Peace out.  :)


  1. Glad you are getting support! No one expects you to respond to these things, silly. Just let us be there for you. "Sayonara Sunday" is perfect!

  2. Love Sayonara Sunday!! I think it's the best thing that's happened in a while.
    Seeing you post good things again is all the thanks I think we need. We've missed the new you, but you are on your way back.
    Many hugs,

  3. I'm late to the game, here, I was down sick all day yesterday! I'm so glad all evidence points to him actually being gone - if he's driving all the way there I hope he packed lots of extra tires LOL... there's my sarcastic humor again, ooops! My friend drove up there in his jeep one summer and the potholes and nasty stuff everywhere had him go through a whole set of tires! Of course you just keep that coffin for whatever you need it for, if even just for a laugh! That's just my sick twisted way of trying to bring humor into a horribly emotional wreck of a time. Glad the mug is getting some use - girl power!

  4. Take your time, Do what you have too,
    Know that we are here for you.

    The raccon thing-Good luck,they always seem to win uness you lock and load.


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