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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

Nothing (And This Time I Mean It!)

Good morning!  I miss not blogging during my work weeks.  I'm hoping that the extra energy that the sun will bring me in the spring will help.

So, when I say that nothing much is going on right now, I do mean it.  I've been trying to work on the wood pile these mornings before I head in to work (if I can wake up early enough).  I was ill prepared in regards to cut wood last fall, but I've been pleased that I was able to stretch it out until now.  I'm nearing the end, and so I've been working on either digging out the cut lengths that never got stacked (easier said than done given this winter's amount of snow!) or cutting up the 8' lengths of birch that were delivered last spring.  I've finally mastered starting the chainsaws (knock on wood), and I feel like I learn more about them with each use.  My sweet daddy (Papa Pea of Mama Pea fame) has been maintaining them for me (sharpening the chains, tuning them up), but I realize that I NEED to learn how to sharpen the chains myself 'cause this needs to be a regular part of up-keep.  And, from everything I've heard my whole life, that's NOT a fun (read "easy") thing to do.  But, I'll be learning from the best . . . I need to make an appointment!  :)

It was 12 below yesterday, but I've been able to pack the road and then creatively plow enough (so as not to scrape the packed snow from the ice underneath) to warrant finally trying the little car again.  It puts SO much strain and wear and tear on the frame of the plow truck to drive around with the full weight of the plow on it (raised, of course, when I drive down the main road and highway) that I hate to drive it when I don't have to.  (Plus, there's that whole gas mileage thing as the price of a gallon goes up and up and up.)  So, even though it was cold yesterday, the sun was out, and I drove the truck to where the car was parked a little over 1/2 a mile away and coaxed 'er into starting ("My goooood little car", I crooned!).  Then there was the usual transfer of dogs and bags and pulling one vehicle out and backing the other in . . . and I was off!  Tomorrow, the dogs and I will walk out and drive the truck home.  How good it will feel to have BOTH vehicles back in the yard!

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I just haven't had the time at work to hook up the new computer, but after a productive business meeting with clients yesterday afternoon, I decided the time had come to treat myself.  I cleaned the desk and made room for the new tower and plugged everything in.  Got the old systems cleared away that I've been limping along with, too.  Then I sat down to hook the new computer up, wirelessly, to the building's router.  FRUSTRATION and AGGRAVATION ensued!  I won't bore you with the details, but, while I AM (technically) hooked up to the Internet, the new computer's still not "speaking" to it.  After struggling MUCH too long with it, I was "saved by the bell" to end my day and pick up the dogs.

You know that saying "you can't see the forest for the trees"?  Yup, I needed to STEP AWAY from the problem.  As I drove home last night, contemplating how I would work with the new system today w/ no Internet access (which would be nearly impossible), I realized, "Uhh, duhhhh?  Just hook up the Ethernet cable again, you dummy!"  That's what I'll do today . . . and, instead of fighting it, I'll put a word in to my computer guru to stop by in the next week or so to fix whatever I'm doing wrong with the wireless aspect of it.  (I just get SO stuck in the "you're not stupid - you can figure this OUT" kind of thinking sometimes that I don't realize that it would be so much EASIER to let someone more experienced take over!  Dumb, da-dumb, DUMB!!)

It's snowing lightly today and overcast although it's still chilly at 8 above.  I've overheard a lot of people in town saying, "It's going to be March in less than a week!" . . . as if that's the "finish line" we need to make it to in order for this winter to be over.  ;)  Historically, though, March is our snowiest month . . . since the temps are warmer then.  Time will tell.  In the meantime, Swamp River Ridge is still laying under its mid-winter blanket.

And, with that, I'm off.  Hope you have a great Sunday and can take at least a little special time FOR YOURSELF!  :)


  1. Hope your computer problem gets solved. I am computer-tech enough to get myself into big problems sometimes. Glad both your rigs are home. That somehow is a strangely satisifying feeling, huh?

  2. Yes, there are certainly times when you get so engrossed in a problem you can overlook an easy fix, I've been there! I love hearing "business meeting with clients"!! I hope they become more and more frequent, and I'm sure your new systems will help out a lot once you get them all synced up and get used to them. Here's to you getting that driveway all squared away and the ice layer disappearing before the big snows start falling. I listened to your radio station while quilting today and it sounds like it's been snowing all day there, I bet it's gorgeous!

  3. My hubbie is an IT guy, so I always have tech support-good thing too as I'm sure I would've thrown a computer or three out the window otherwise!! I've been told by the best that computers can't outsmart us, but I know that's a lie!

    Hope you're staying warm and able to get some rest in the midst of your busy schedule!


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