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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne


I've made 1,755 posts on this here blog.  This is my 1,756th.  GAD, that's a lot!

What to report?  Not much.  A smooshed finger.  Note to self:  when the woodpile is falling down, don't try to stop it with the back of your hand which is already holding a piece of firewood.  I think the middle finger of my right hand might actually be quite colorful tomorrow.  So was my language when it happened:  colorful!  I've completely and absolutely misplaced the camera-to-computer USB cable for my digital camera, so I'll have Mama Pea take a picture when I drop the dogs off in the AM.  So far, the knuckle's greyish-purple, and below that is just fat and red.  Nothing broken, so no sympathy.  Just sore.  I'm medicating with whiskey.  (Purely medicinal, mind you.)

At work, I've been putzing with one particular website (design) for TOOOOO long!  Part of this is because the client said that she needed some time to pull the money together in order to pay for it.  So, I haven't felt an exactly huge compelling reason to finish it.  But, I finally gave her a deadline of "by the end of this coming week":  i.e., Sunday.  I'm the kind of person who needs a deadline.  Otherwise, things tend to not get done.  I closed my office door to visitors today and really got a big chunk of it finished.  (The bulk of it was done in . . . October?)  I think I'll be able to "present" it to her tomorrow.  Via e-mail, anyway.  Then, we'll probably meet in person for the final edits.  She and her husband raise Fjord horses:  a hardy strain perfect for our climate.

Finishing this job was also pushed along by a voicemail waiting for me yesterday from a local non-profit for whom I'm designing and printing a brochure (and then some, probably).  I agreed to $400 worth of work, pro bono.  Silly me?  Well, yes and no.  'Yes' because it takes me away from paying customers.  'No' because I got, in return (in addition to free advertising), a glassed-in hand-made aviary that was worth $3000 . . . in 1998!  (Did I blog about that?  I can't remember if I did or not.)  I took possession of it this past fall before the snow came.  It's in the sunroom, in place, awaiting birdies.  But, the weather's been so cold each time I've been to the big city lately that I can't chance bringing the tenants home!  (Same problem with the fish aquarium which is desperately awaiting new life:  the algae eating Plec(ostomus) and fresh-water shrimp being the only inhabitants).  Anyway, point being, I don't like to have two big jobs going on at once.  So, I want to finish up the Fjord horse website before I start the new project . . . which is either going to be for their (the client's) non-profit thrift store or senior center, I don't know which.  Yet.

Hang on, more medicinal whiskey required.

Okay, I'm back.  Just caught up with The Ex on FB.  Ironic:  it's -14 and dropping with a -27 windchill here, and it's snowing and in the teens up in Alaska!  Explorer Guy is doing well and hopes to summit over the weekend.  That said, it's on his way back down when he needs to be super careful.  All of the fatalities that have happened (while trying to summit Denali in January) have occurred on the way DOWN the mountain, not UP it!  I'm sure people tend to think that the hard part is over, and they're not as attentive to the terrain and conditions as they should be.

So, where was I?  I dunno, my train of thought was interrupted.  I was going to write about the weather:  it's cold.  There.  Matter of fact, I even stopped tonight to make a purchase which has been on my town list for about two weeks:  a new pair of insulated Carhartt pants.  I'm NOTHING if not a fashionista.  (Cough, cough, snort!)  Matter of fact, I have 'em on right now as I write, settled on the kitchen's rocker.  I also still have my mukluks on.  
Did I mention that it's cold outside?

(No segue.)

There's a wonderfully-complimentary (yes, I paid both her and Susan and Erin a LOT to say what they did!) and fun post going on over at The Apple Pie Gal's blog.  Be sure to read the comments and encourage Mama Pea to do what she promised!  (Or, would that be, "threatened"?)

(No segue.)

Tonight was the first night (or maybe it only seemed like it) of The New Me's schedule that I was actually home close to the time I'd set.  I pulled in at 7:00 PM and felt like I had the whole night ahead of me!  (Ah-hem, it's 10:50 right now, and I was supposed to be in bed 20 minutes ago.)  Anyway, I got home and spoke to a nice man in Carlton county when I called Mom & Dad to say that I was home, safe and sound, on such a cold night.  Fat-fingered the dialing, I did . . . and that was BEFORE I smashed my finger!  After feeding the dogs and cats, I changed into my work clothes and completely (instead of just scooping the "hard stuff") cleaned the upstairs cat litter box (yuck).  Then it was outside to do chores and work in the battery room of the garage.  I poured 3 gallons of distilled water into 26 of the 72 cells before I ran out.  Seems like these old batteries are sucking up a lot more water . . . and in the winter, at that.  I NEED to get new ones ordered.

All that outside work took a while, and I got back into the house @ 9:00.  I finished my leftovers from the lunch I had with My Girl today for supper and then sat down with you.

And now, it's late.  Off to bed I go.  Oh, let me check the temperature, first, though.  Hang on . . . .  Well, it's not that different from before:  -15 with a -28 windchill.  That's nothin'.  ;)


  1. And I'm whining about the upcoming single digits??? Actually, it will be below 0 tonight. Another six inches of snow in the process right now. How often do you have to fill the batteries? It seems like you are doing it every week - that can't be good. I am all for medicinal whiskey. Or medicinal bourbon...take care of that finger!

  2. The batteries sound expensive! Congrats on that many posts! We have been following the ex's & Explorer Guy's blog & video commentary, you are right, no relaxing on the descent! What kind of birds are you thinking of for the aviary? I've always wanted a few and hubby could build a nice outdoor one in our climate for a good portion of the year, but their long life spans keep me from doing it seeing as how we're in the military - dogs are much easier to transport from place to place if necessary but birds don't take to stressful moves well, hmmm maybe I'll look for little parakeets with the shortest life span possible LOL

  3. Brrr. It's bitter cold here too, but not as bad as what you've got! I don't blame you for sitting around in the Carharts. As for fashion, eh, whatever!

    Hope your finger feels better this morning. If not, have another dose of 'medicine'. :)

  4. It's -22 this morning with a fairly clear sky and not much wind, so that's good!

    Yeah, the batteries don't normally require this much attention. But, as I said, they're old and need to be replaced.

    The finger isn't even colorful enough this morning to warrant a picture, dang it. ;) Still sore, tho!

    Birdies: in the past, I've had everything from finches to parakeets to canaries to lovebirds. Right now, I'm planning on getting just finches. I think they're my favorite.

  5. I'm exhausted just reading about how much you manage to accomplish every day!
    I love Norwegian Fjord horses -- if I ever decided to get horses, those are the ones I'd choose.


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