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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

Friday Morning

Good morning!  I’m tired but ready to hit the day (and that’s progress)!  The laptop is being argumentative again this AM (what’s new), and so I’m writing offline and will post . . . and respond to your kind comments from yesterday as soon as all the electronic stars line up again.

So, yesterday, I started in on the living room.  Realizing that I haven’t changed the layout there since moving into the house (in September of 2006) – VERY strange for me (must have something to do with being so much busier here at Swamp River Ridge, an unfinished homestead, than the sweet tiny old place, Hastings-on-the-Lake) – I went for it.  Of course, this added, exponentially, to my day’s tasks.  One I got the couch away from the unfinished wall that it was half hiding, I realized JUST how MUCH that wall has been bothering me.  It’s a wall that is getting tongue and groove pine paneling, and one of my goals this fall (hahahahaha!) was to get the wood sanded, treated, and up.  Yeah, well.  But, as I looked at the now much-more-obvious-wall with displeasure, inspiration struck!  I still don’t have time to do the paneling, but I DO have quite a stock of 4x8 sheets of Plywood!  And, I have paint!

I went out to the store of Plywood, selected a decent piece, and, in the woodshed, started cutting (the hole for an outlet).  Back inside some time later – having accomplished that task and a bunch of chores – I stood the 4x8 sheet up, and I FIT!  I didn’t make the outlet hole too small.  Unfortunately, I did make it a little too big, and the outlet plate doesn’t quite cover it all up.  No matter, I had a portion of the ugly wall COVERED!  Next came out the cordless drill with the screwdriver bit attachment and a container of screws, and it was in place.  Now, for some paint. 

I bought most of the paint for all the rooms a couple of years ago . . . except the living room (which will be a light but warm green).  But, since this wall won’t, technically, have paint, anyway, I selected the beige-y color that will go on the middle room wall.  It was the closest I had to natural pine, and I certainly didn’t want to go with the glaring white I used for the dark pantry.

Two coats of paint later and my latest audio book, Hand of Evil by J.A. Jance, finished, I ended the work in the living room for the day.  I then booted up my big home computer and tried to do some MUCH OVERDUE work for Mama Pea . . . but couldn’t find the info she’d sent me for love nor money.  I tell ya, with three computers going at once (the laptop, my home office computer and my work office computer), I oftentimes have no idea which info is on which computer.  And, of course, the info I needed was on my work computer, an hour away.  I could have SWORN that I’d forwarded it to my home computer, but no luck.  I’m expecting an e-mail to be waiting for me this morning, re-sending the info needed (for the, ah-hem, THIRD time!).

So, without further ado, I’ll sign off here and go boot up the big computer to get that work done.  Then, it’s back out to the woodshed to cut the second, smaller piece of Plywood for that wall.  After the two coats of paint go on, I’ll be able to finish that room.  Maybe (????) I’ll even get to some Christmas decorations tonight!


  1. I wanna see the wall! Hubby's quite the carpenter,(he was in the construction business prior to the military) so I'm glad he does all the flooring, drywalling, framing around here, I don't have much patience for it, but I do love to paint - and I rearrange my furniture every 45 days or so, it's a sickness LOL

    now go decorate!

  2. Believe me, a carpenter, I AIN'T. But, I did take pictures, so I'll go post 'em now.

    At Hastings-on-the-Lake I used to rearrange all the furniture all the time, too. Maybe it has to do with making a tiny house seem "new" all the time? I dunno.

    I just finished all the work I needed to do for Mama Pea (took longer than I expected, but doesn't EVERYTHING?), so now (after posting your requested pictures) I'll get going on the house again.


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