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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

We Make Plans, and the Universe Laughs

After working a long 11-hour day nannying on Saturday and then a shorter 7-hour day yesterday . . . followed by continuing into town and helping my dad put up a fence in their garden (an easy job but one required by my super-sniffer Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Tucker - more on that later!), I passed on the offer to stay for a wonderful supper at my folks', eager to be home BEFORE DARK for once in a long time!  (Holy run-on sentence, Batman.)

I got home and unloaded the few days worth of accumulated STUFF from the truck and then, taking advantage of the waning daylight, ran up to check on the bees.  They are starting to take the sugar water that it's necessary to begin feeding them, so that's good.  More on that later, too.

I was too pooped to do more than unpack all those accumulated bags while listening to my latest audio book ('Web of Evil' by Judith A. Jance).  Heck, I didn't even make myself a cocktail!  What the . . . ?!  ;)  Mom had sent me home with the homemade chicken (or goose or duck, knowing their poultry) enchilada, complete with chopped lettuce for the top, but I stuck that into the refrig for today.  Didn't even feel like eating.  (Okay, okay, so I had eaten 1/3 of the bag of Salt & Vinegar chips, washed down with a Coke, that I'd bought while filling the truck up with gas on the way home.)  Then, I headed upstairs for a marathon viewing of the last episodes of BBC's 'Lilies', thanks to Netflix.  (I HIGHLY recommend watching this miniseries.  It's BRILLIANTLY done.)

When I'd finished, it was 1:00, but I wasn't sleepy.  Still, knowing I wanted to accomplish OODLES today, I climbed into bed and tossed.  And turned.  And fidgeted.  And tried counting to 100.  Then tried singing, in my head, '99 Bottle of Beer on the Wall'.  Then flopped on my stomach and looked at the stars.  Then hollered at Annie Blue to leave the kitties alone (insert high-pitched cat screeching & wailing & tearing around that sounds like elephants let loose).  Then flopped back onto my back.  Then curled up in the fetal position.  Then threw off the blankets.  Then pulled them back on.  It was like I was a waiting to see what Santa would be leaving under the tree for me!  I was SO looking forward to ALL that I would accomplish today that I couldn't fall asleep for the LIFE of me!  Finally, I slept.  And this is where this post's title comes in:  I woke up at . . . noon.  Niiiiiiice.  So much for makin' hay while the sun shines.  (Sigh.)

Here in northeastern Minnesota, we've been having incredibly unseasonably warm (hot, even!) temperatures.  It was 75.9 degrees in the SHADE the other morning when I left for work!  Right now, it's 59 degrees out but, since the house is 58, I've started fires in both the sunroom & kitchen, wanting to get the house warmed up a bit for the week ahead.

Normally, I'd have fired up the outdoor wood furnace by this point in the year, but the two pumps in it that run 24/7 are incredibly inefficient (and there's not a heck of a lot to be done about that).  And, since I'm here so little, now that I'm a working (outside the home) girl, there doesn't seem to be a lot of sense in heating up the house when I'm here pretty much only to sleep, much of the week.  So, until the mercury really starts its downward descent, I'll stick to warming things up on my weekends and just use my heating pad, when necessary, the rest of the time.  (And, being post-menopausal, a little goes a long way, in regards to plugging that electricity-sucker in!)

On another note, I've been a divorcee for 5 days now . . . except Tom and I didn't find out until 2 days into it.  More on that later, too.  I have a post nearly finished about the IDIOCY that is either the court system or the lawyer or both.  Stoopid, stoopid.  But, in short, it is done, and I got the certified copy of the Judgment & Decree into the mail on Friday . . . which will start the ball rolling towards getting my first settlement check.  I am so in debt to everyone and their brother (including both my folks and Tom) that it ain't even funny.  So, the day I get that check in hand is the day I'll REALLY celebrate!  Anyway, all's well in that department, and I'm totally fine.  It was just VERY anti-climactic when/how we found out . . . kind of a non-issue.  So, check!  Another item ticked off in the Life Goes On category.  ;)

I'd like to post again later today.  I sure will try.


  1. I know exactly what you mean about thoughts of productivity keeping you awake and biting you in the a$$ the next day! I make lists in my head over and over and then I am so tired the next day I'm worthless! Glad you are having some nice weather up there, enjoy a bit longer! Nice photo on your header. Can't wait to hear the details on all the "more later"s !! :)

  2. So much to look forward to - for your readers, that is! I, too, lie in bed making lists - on the weekends, when the weather is supposed to grand, I cannot WAIT to get started. Unfortunately, if I fall asleep at 2a, I still get up at 4:30a.

  3. Don't feel the least bit bad about sleeping until noon. Even if you had fallen asleep at a decent hour, you still need sleep time as recuperation from all that's been going on in your life lately.

    Dad proclaimed last night that he was going to start getting up with a 5:30 alarm so he could get more of a jump start on the day. I, of course, enthusiastically said, "Me, too!"

    I DRAGGED myself out of bed at S-E-V-E-N o'clock . . . didn't even hear him when he got up at 5:30. Tomorrow I'll do better. Really. I will. I'm sure.

  4. Sounds like lots going on! Think of all the grand adventures waiting-no wonder you're too excited to sleep!

  5. Now I'm getting worried about my brother's well being. Getting up at 5:30 A.M.??? He's retired!!! Guess I'll have to take him in for some mental evaluations when I get there.

  6. Erin, thanks for the props on the new header photo. I took that one a couple of years ago. I don't think I could find enough leaves all on one tree to have taken it this year!

    Susan, it's so good for me to hear that people are actually out there, waiting to read what I write. All too often, I get caught up in the "what could *I* possibly have to say that would be of interest to anyone?" rut.

    Mom, I think you should write (another?) post about how aggravated Dad gets now that he's retired . . . and STILL doesn't "get anything done"! Ha! Selfishly, I "enjoy" his frustration: now he knows what housewives / homemakers deal with every single day! ;)

    Becky, I'm not sure about "grand adventures" . . . although, LIFE is a grand adventure if we make it so, right?!

    And, Uncle Marty, yeah, Mom & Dad just don't seem to get it that they're "allowed" to take it a little easy. (And, we know, they never will!) They put all the rest of us weaklings TO SHAME!


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