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Sound ID Help Required

Okay, folks, I need help with a nocturnal animal sound again.

I was just scrubbing out the kitchen sink when the dogs started bark-bark-barking and rushed out their (own) screen door.  The barking had that "tone" that you recognize as, "Hmmm, maybe I'd better go check things out!"  

Standing under the front entrance, I heard it alright - whatever "it" is / was.  And, for the last 20 minutes, I've been paging through my 'Mammals of Minnesota' book to try to figure out what the heck it was!  What stumps me is its sound.  It made an almost metallic sound, 4 times each time (I think), as it moved through the woods, "Chhhht, chhht, chhht, chht."  Like it was a rattlesnake on four legs - shaking its rattle like a slow maraca - except the "cchhhht"s were definitely shorter and more defined than the sound of a rattlesnake's rattle.  And, it sounded pretty big . . . although we all know that a chipmunk can sound HUGE when you're trying to fall asleep while on your first-ever camping trip, too!  ;)

So, the defining features I have are this:
  • It sounded big.
  • It sounded like it was on the ground (not necessarily up in the trees).
  • The dogs did not go after it . . . which means that either it was nothing they felt they needed to offer me protection from OR it was big/fierce enough for them to be smart enough to not attempt homeland defense!
  • It's, at least partly, nocturnal.
  • It made a metallic sound that I've never before heard.
Okay, help me out!  Direct me to similar sounds online so that I can identify tonight's Mystery Animal.


  1. Wow! Are you sure you want to know what it is? If you hear it again, is there any way you can actually record it?

    Hoping your last day at work was satisfying and I'm looking forward to hear the details as you launch into your new venture. Wishing you many blessings!!

  2. Bobcat?? You know cats can make all kinds of weird sounds when they want to.

  3. You are FREAKING ME OUT! Seriously, bobcat or the (maybe) "mythic" cougar was my first thought too, they can make pretty eerie sounds depending on if they are eating, fighting or looking to mate. That might explain the dogs smartly hanging back, but did you notice any hair raising on the dogs? One thing I noticed with mine when we lived in the desert is that if there was a coyote nearby she would be absolutely silent, but all the hair would raise. Hope you find out, cool mystery... are the poultry all ok so far or any scat/spray around the chicken yard?

  4. Lynx or bobcat maybe-
    I heard a lynx once and it sounded like a car crash, metal on metal.

  5. I definitely need to find some audio online - I'll focus on lynx / bobcat.

    Becky & Erin, you know, the only thing that really WOULD freak me out is if it had been a human animal . . . 'cause anyone being where it was & at that time of night - making those sounds . . . would be up to no good!

    Maisy's hair was standing up but not Tucker's, so . . . ? And, now that I think of it, I've NEVER seen Tucker's hair stand on end! Either that means that he's smarter (and knows there's no really danger) or he's dumb & clueless! ;)

  6. I would say it is a cat either bobcat or cougar more likely a cougar. If you can hear it, it can see you. Be very care full with the dogs especially Tucker. Maisy is big enough that it will not or may not bother her but tucker is just perfect for lunch. We had a cougar here for several years. It use to show up at night when I would go out and take care of the boarding dogs. You want to look big and make lots of noise. Raise your arms over your head with anything you have in your hands, and scream and howl very very loudly. Bang something together. The one here they figured was a pet turned loose. Dam he was big ..... He use to just stand by the barn and watch me til one night I shot at him with a shot gun that had m-50 in the shells. Be careful


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