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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

Happiness Is . . .

(In no particular order . . . )

Happiness is:
  • A new Jennifer Chiaverini audio book.  I want to live at Elm Creek Manor.
  • Walking outside and feeling the COOL air touch my skin.
  • My papa sharing his yummy birthday candy with Mom & me.  Happy b-day (it's over now!), Daddy!
  • Coming home to Swamp River Ridge and hearing a fox barking the moment I open the car door.
  • Peeking into the battery room and seeing the digital read-out show 'FUL' for the batteries.  (Yes, it's 'FUL', not 'FULL'.)
  • Seeing The Peanut for the first time in an AGE today!  I luvs me that wee one!
  • Smelling wool when I burrow my nose into Annie Blue's neck.
  • Smelling wood when I burrow my nose into Bonzi's neck.
  • Having my own office . . . for the near future, anyway (entirely dependent on my success)!
  • My heating pad and the most comfortable bed in the world in the-house-that-I-designed-every-single-square-inch-of-on-the-most-perfect-piece-of-land-in-the-world-for-me awaiting me upstairs.


  1. Happiness is: noticing that you are savoring happiness again! Here's hoping your personal satisfaction meter is reading "FUL"!

  2. Methinks the only way one can be truly happy is to be able to be aware of and appreciate the "small" things as you do.

    (You COULD live at Elm Creek Manor. Except it would be called Swamp River Ridge Manor and you would run it. Could I come stay free of charge if I helped with the cooking?? Huh, huh? How soon do you need my reservation?)

  3. Erin, your words put the first big smile on my face of the day! :) Thanks, iFriend! (Hey! I just invented a new, useful term: iFriend: Internet Friend!)

    Mom, yes, you can come . . . but I don't care about the quilting, I want that HOUSE and the GROUNDS and the HISTORY! But, who knows, maybe I'm starting that here, too!

  4. So glad you're feeling more relaxed and optimistic about things these days. What a blessing!


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