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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

Beleve It or Not

Believe it or not, folks, I am writing from the comfort of . . . my BED, laptop with WIRELESS MODEM (I know - gasp!) actually w-o-r-k-i-n-g!  Granted this is the dinosaur HP laptop that is so slow that it, quite literally, has taken me about 10 minutes to get to this point and have this much text register on the screen . . . but, at least, it's WORKING!  (I uploaded the photos earlier today from my office, in case you were wondering.)  And, in sharp contrast to last night when I was lying here, not so comfortably, sweat building up in various unpleasant places, tonight I feel a LOVELY cool breeze blowing in the window directly behind me.

I expect that the dogs will be a little whacky tonight - they already are, Maisy barking at blowing leaves, and Tucker looking up at me, just before I came upstairs, with a "What?!" expression . . . pretending I DIDN'T see the mouse tail hanging out the side of his snout. (Apparently Annie Blue had just brought her best buddy a "toy" from outside.)  Well, the full Sturgeon Moon will do that to critters, I guess.  Even Bonzee (how should I spell that?!) was farther down the driveway than I expected to see her tonight when I drove in.

Even though my office is still a mess and the gallery room not yet ready for its unveiling, it's been feeling so good to go in, sit down at my desk, and actually attack the jobs that have been waiting in the wings for so long.  I'm waiting to hear back from the longest-waiting customer to make sure she still wants me to relocate and redesign her website (she and her husband raise Fjord horses).  She's been EXTREMELY understanding through these past months, and so I did begin the work today, expecting that she'll want me to continue . . . but it will be good to have the confirmation from her, obviously.  And, I will feel so much better, finally getting the first of these "constantly in the back of my mind" projects started, finished, and then filed away!

It sure is a good feeling, too, to be almost excited to leave the house in the morning because I know that I'm going to work at a place that is nothing but positive (or, if it's not, it's only MY fault)!  Yeah, there's that HUGE part of me that is fairly terrified that I will fail, but there's not much point worrying about that until I've given it enough of a go, time-wise.  So, the sooner I put those negative thoughts behind me and move ahead with what's at hand, the more success I'll have, all the way around.

No segue, but . . . I thought I'd give you a glimpse of my drive each morning.  As you'll see, it's hell.  Ugly as all get out, too.  And, the traffic is insane.  (Before I forget, I saw 3 foxes and 1 nice looking yearling bear on the way home tonight!)

So, my drive in to town takes me down a quiet gravel road to a larger gravel road to the highway.  Here goes.

The quiet gravel road:

The larger, busier gravel road:

The bottom 3 miles of the larger, busier road are blacktop:

And, finally, the highway & the big lake.  Tough, isn't it?

Oh!  And, last but not least, my constant driving companions
(one slightly less interested than the other):

And, with that, I'm going to treat myself to a few pages of the most recent Keepsake NeedleArts catalog.  G'night!


  1. tough drive so boring . Very Beautiful
    I love the no traffic I hate big cities

  2. You sound so happy! I'm thrilled for you that you're seeing all these lovely dreams fall into place. And it's too bad that you have nothing lovely to look at around your place! How do you manage to stay inside and get anything done at all?

  3. Having things feel like they are falling into place is a good antidote to any nagging doubts about success or failure. Good for you!!

  4. yes, that drive sucks! :)

    I'm glad you sound so much more upbeat! Remember that failure can happen quickly, but success takes TIME! i.e. failures happen from giving up right away, so keep plugging away at it, I am sure that your postitive attitude and enjoyment of having your own business will go a long way to ensuring your success. Are you actively seeking clients through a website? If not, I would get that started right away to get some clients on the hook for your services. The sooner you can get more stuff lined up, the sooner they can tell their friends about the wonderful gal they hired!!! Glad you have some nice evening weather.


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