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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

Quick Update

I haven't been on the keys since last Wednesday?  Yikes!  But, I have a good excuse - the last few days have been go-go-go.  In short:

Last Wednesday:  I was In-Office working in town.  (I think - can't remember that far back!)

Thursday:  Same.  On one of the days, Bundle of Joy and her mama came to visit.  Here they are in one of the seating areas of the coffee shop / community gathering space, playing with Maisy.

Friday:  Nannied for both The Peanut and a little 21-month old boy.  Before the 2nd pumpkin joined us for the day, The Peanut and I ran errands . . . including a trip to the dairy farm for "chalky moat" (chocolate milk).  Evening with the parents of both kiddlies plus friends (family to The Peanut) who were up to their cabin from St. Paul.

Also on Friday, The Peanut being smack in the middle of potty training (diapers are only for bedtime!), we made a few extra stops during our town running (to prevent the need for an outfit change, if you get my drift).  The prettiest stop was this one, just outside a horse pasture (one of the very few in the county).

Maisy wanted to get out and play with the horses.

Saturday:  Essential clean-up of house, then packing and driving over 200 miles southwest to attend "My Girl's" high school graduation.  Arrived about 11:30 PM (yikes).  Tom stayed here both Saturday & Sunday nights, doing chores and taking care of the dogs.  It was GREAT to not worry about things while I was gone!  Also, he WORKED while he was here!  More on that later, but the logging road is FIXED, the upstairs of the garage is SORTED, and the lawn is MOWED!  Whoo-hoo!!!!  It was beginning to (no, it DID) look like an abandoned house in the height of summer around here.  It seemed to take forever for the grass to be high enough to warrant cutting . . . but now . . . oi vey!  It was embarrassing.
Sunday:  Graduation . . . MIS-ER-ABLY hot and humid.  Hellish.  (Pictures to follow in another post.)  Not so bad as My Girl's sister-in-law's experience, tho, who was in Iowa attending her sister's college graduation . . . where people were PASSING OUT the heat was so bad!

Monday:  Packing up and leaving, errands on the way home capped off by a really nice visit with an old friend who is in the hospital (lucky to be alive and/or not paralyzed after falling backwards into the deep end of an empty pool during its spring cleaning while she worked around it).  Returned home after midnight.

Tuesday / Yesterday:  Nannied oldest / dearest friend's little guy (also 21 months old) while his mom & dad worked on their cabin 9 miles away.  Miserably hot & humid day again.  85.8° in the shade on the north side of the house here.  FORTUNATELY, a big storm came through in the late afternoon and dropped the temperature to 71° in about 10 minutes!  I can't WAIT to get into the cold fog that the big lake is spreading over those living on its shoreline (which includes town when I'm at work)!

More tonight, I hope . . . or tomorrow.


  1. Busy! How awesome is it that the dogs get to go to work with you?, hang on to that job, very cool! Peanut is so cute! That is horrible about your friend, I hope she has a speedy recovery. Glad you got some help with work over the weekend at the house. Too bad my boys aren't old enough to be of any help, I'd mail them to you for the summer!

  2. I am SO glad you posted! Been hoping things were going well. I'm sorry the graduation was so miserably hot. It's always SO nice to get to Duluth after those trips. The air is so think at my parents in the summer.
    Wasn't that storm front something?? I was outside, in a VERY DIRTY, DRY area. I think I have some idea what a Texas sandstorm is like now. I had to clean the dirt out of my ears with a Q-tip!!
    When I left the girly at her riding lesson over the hill, it was 82 degrees. 4 miles later on the shore it was 54 degrees. 26 degrees difference!?!? Wow! I guess that's why we have all those sweaters in the closet next to the breezy summer cotton! :) Love you!

  3. It's been miserably hot and humid here as well. We've remarked several times that it feels more like the 4th of July than Memorial day. I'm not a fan!! Send some of the cooler temps our way, ok?Hope your busy schedule is letting up some and you're beginning to fall into a predictable routine.


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