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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

Practicing Anxiety Control

myself, so . . . deep breathe . . . .

In . . . hold . . . and out . . . .

In . . . hold . . . and out . . . .

In . . . hold . . . and out . . . .

Ahhhhh.  And, I probably shouldn't have any more of the 8-cups of coffee I made this morning, either. 

Last Wednesday evening was the most recent meeting for the upcoming summertime art festival.  As usual, I am in charge of the website . . . although I will have to speak to the Powers That Be about putting my work donation towards next year's entry fee instead of this year's . . . since that weekend will be the grand opening of this new business for which I am the assistant manager.  (Wish there was a good way to abbreviate that title, but, somehow, Ass. Man. just doesn't have quiiiiite the right ring to it.)  So, I'll need to find a few hours of precious time that need to go towards that.  But, lest I grumble, it's for a good cause, and it is free advertising for me . . . except that the website (my graphic & web design) that the festival is freely advertising isn't "up" yet!  (Sigh.)

After the meeting, I had dinner at dear friends' house.  We are near polar opposites on the political & religious spectrum, but, somehow, they are my rocks during this turbulent time.  (Russell Crowe, don't think you're not included in that!)

Thursday evening brought those same friends to Swamp River Ridge so that Russell (yep, he's a look-a-like to the actor) could scope out the canoe that Tom and I are selling.  (He bought it.)  Afterwards, they all stayed for homemade pizza which H and I double-teamed on, she bringing the homemade crusts & the pepperoni, me supplying everything else.  Mama put Bundle of Joy on the hanging bed in the sunroom for some muscle-developing tummy time, and Annie Blue was none too pleased about the encroachment on her space.

"What IS this thing?  Maybe if I just ignore it . . . "

"Hmmm, it seems to be coming closer." 

"I'll just move over here."

"Or, maybe I'll leave entirely."

Bundle of Joy:  "Heeyy!  Where'd you go, kitty?"

Friday was spent nannying The Peanut followed by a meeting with the new owner (and fellow schoolmate) of one of the two floral shops in town.  Thanks to Facebook, I saw that she was looking for local vendors, and so I asked if she had a line of gift cards yet?  She didn't, and I presented (with the help of The Peanut) my Chicken Mama Originals to her that evening!  And, she wants 'em - all of 'em!  So, I'm filling a 48-space floor-standing display with a total of at least 240 of my photographic notecards!  Half of them will be blank and half will be pre-printed (Mother's Day, Happy Anniversary / Birthday, Sympathy, etc.).  And, the ONLY negative to the situation is that the horizontal cards will have to be displayed vertically . . . but, in time, maybe I'll be able to upgrade to a rack (it's mine) that can hold both.  I need to have that display delivered and set up either tomorrow night or the start of business Wednesday since that's when the Mother's Day rush begins.  So, guess what I'll be doing later today and all day tomorrow?!

I don't remember accomplishing much on Saturday other than washing and packing a few dozen eggs along with updating & printing out their corresponding invoices.  Saturday evening was spent visiting new friends who I've been trying to connect with since about a year ago!  We had a wonderful dinner in town at one of the best seasonal restaurants, open for just its 2nd day of the year.  Afterwards, it was back to their house for homemade brownies & digestifs (as opposed to apéritifs) and chit-chat that quickly brought us to 1:00 AM!  (How time flies when you're talkin'!)  I get a kick out of their 12-year old (going on 40) son.  He reminds me a lot of myself at that age . . . although I think I was a lot sillier.

I awoke yesterday with a splitting headache that I fought all day until I finally got dressed around 5:00 PM and then (thanks to heavy meds), around 6:00 PM, finally felt human enough to tend to the badly ignored chickens and wash a batch of dishes.  I think it's my sinus infection returned, but I'm just not sure.  Perhaps it was just my body forcing me to lay around and nap for the near entirety of a day.  Too bad I couldn't "enjoy" it!

Today I'm working from home for my new job . . . and printing for the 240 cards that need to be ready w/in 36 hours in between.

When I did chores today, I found an yummy earthworm underneath one of the waterers and gave it to the chicks to enjoy.

The other day, two of them got into a tug-of-war with one, and I kicked myself for not having the camera.  

No action quite so photogenic today, but dropping in such a delicacy always generates a mad scramble for it between the chicks.  

An aside about the chicks:  my girlfriend who shared the order of Partridge Rocks with me hosted my 'Chickens with Mama' class when we toured local farms during that weekend.  Her chicks are underneath a red heat lamp vs. mine which are under my broody mama Cuckoo Maran hen.  But, here's the weird thing:  hers are WAY more developed and larger than mine!  Wouldn't you think it should be the opposite:  that those raised by a mama would develop sooner?  Or, would research determine that artificially-raised chicks are grown too quickly and experience a negative impact as a result of that later in life?  I don't know why it is this way, but it will be interesting to watch the development between the two flocks as they grow and age!

Call your kids to the computer and ask if they can find the worm in ALL of these pictures?



  1. Wow-you have been busy, but it also sounds like you had lots of fun as well! Enjoy each moment as see so many new opportunities unfolding. I've kicked myself at times because I didn't enjoy the journey more. For me, living in the moment has become a huge part of the experience and I hope you're able to do the same!

  2. Sweet pictures! I'm not sure about development, but I'd be a happier chick, I'm sure, with a warm and fuzzy mama instead of an ugly red heat lamp. I'd probably want to stay little for a bit longer!! :) Your in my thoughts and prayers, Dear One! Hope we can connect sometime soon.


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