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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne


Do you know where yesterday went?  Yeah, me neither.  One minute I was sitting here writing to you, and the next minute it was 7:00 PM!

But, there was a reason why a good part of the day slipped by.  Tom sold the '97 Subaru Outback to a father & son with whom he works.  And, the snow finally being low enough coupled with their schedule finally coordinating meant that they all came out yesterday afternoon to collect said vehicle.  They are also taking the '78 Chevy Pickup (Tom's 'Man Truck'), but they can only tow one vehicle at a time, so that will wait.

Here's the last that Tom and I saw of the ol' car as they pulled out of 'the back 40' and up towards the trapper cabin and eventually down and out the driveway on their haul home.  Or so we thought. 
Even thought Tom stayed for an hour or so after the guys left, he caught up with them about 23 miles down the road where he found them traveling at about 3 mph!  The back end (like, the ENTIRE back end, i.e. axle) had locked up, and they were basically sledging a non-rolling vehicle.  (Insert horrible, acrid smell.)  Eventually, they took a side road that a friend lives on and left the car there, but that was an additional 5 miles or so from where Tom met them.  I can't imagine those last few miles were very enjoyable or stress-free!  And, I'm thinkin' that Tom's not gonna get the $$ they'd agreed on . . . at least, not very MUCH of it!  (The back end was FINE when we parked it!  Honest!)

The day got warmer as it progressed yesterday, and (although it was still jacket weather) I did enjoy that cocktail out on the deck last evening . . . with a friend:  Tom!   And, check out the cool chair he brought me!!!  One of his employees (the son of the woman who bought our little house, Hastings-on-the-Lake, for those of you keeping track) made this out of a solid log using only his chainsaw and making just 16 or 18 cuts (I counted 17)!  Is that not AMAZING?!!!!  I want to put a preservative on it before it gets rained on, and perhaps I should take time to do that today since a) it's so nice out (60 already in the shade) and b) to have it done before it gets away from me.  (As too many things all too easily do!)

I think the sap run is done for the year.  It's just not getting cold enough these nights.  But, next year I'll get started on time, AND I vow to have the trail cleared to The Three Sisters, three LARGE maples that I tagged a few years ago.  I'm not going to boil the last batch today, though, because it's super windy.  And, with the fire danger ramping right up by the day, I don't want to risk anything.

Oh, and my muffin madness is still going strong:  Blueberry Muffins this AM with fresh-frozen blueberries from my mom's garden!  Here's a picture of The Peanut and Papa R (my dad) from last week:  she's helping herself to some of those same fresh-frozen "num-nums". 

And now, without further ado, today's schedule:
  • 1 Hour Deskwork
  • 1 Hour Tax / Attorney Paperwork
  • 1 Hour Watering, Repot Houseplants
  • Sheets on bed changed, laundered & quilts hung out on line to air.  (It's such a gorgeous day!)     I just came in from outside chores (been out pretty much all day), and it's . . . sigh . . . 7:26 PM.  WHERE did the day go?  And this is all I can cross off my list.  :(
  • 1 Hour Dishes / Food Prep (Pasta salad, anyone?)     Well, I did get the pasta salad made . . . .
  • 1 Hour General House Cleaning
  • Log chair treated.     (I got the bottom 1/2 of it done!  That counts for something, right?)
  • 2 Billable (Business) Hours
Never hurts to aim high, does it?  ;)


  1. You are killin' me with the Subaru stories - my hubby would have that thing torn apart in a heartbeat and she'd be good as new! He just put a new timing belt on the Forester and I amped up the ground clearance by ordering him some sweet new off road tires for it... If I was closer I might find that Outback on the side of the road in the dead of night and swipe it - but then I would bring her back to you in all her Sweet Subaru glory when she was done with her nip & tuck, LOL! good luck with the chores, I will never get my list done today, but at least I got the big one done - the grocery trip!

  2. Love that chair made out of the log! Makes me think of your great-grandpa who would never switch his old wood burning furnace to oil or gas because he said if the time should ever come when he couldn't buy fuel, he could burn the furniture. That chair would last a while in the furnace!


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