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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

Unrealistic Expectations?

I love Mondays!  It's a fresh start - a day to get the week started off on the right foot!

In that spirit, I just wanted to illustrate how I have completely unrealistic NO unrealistic expectations regarding what I can accomplish in a day by showing you my To Do list for today.  And, keep in mind that this excludes all the "usual" stuff like doing chores, tending the maple syrup fire, splitting wood for same, collecting sap, and keeping an eye on the last of the burning brush pile.

Here goes.  I'll let you know, tonight or tomorrow, how I did:
  • 1 Hour of House Clean Up     DONE!
  • 1 Hour of Dishes / Kitchen Work     DONE!
  • 1 Hour of Deskwork     DONE!
  • 1 Hour of Special Work in the Chicken Yard     DONE!
  • 1 Hour of Blog Updating / Reading Other Blogs if Time Remains
  • 4 Billable (Business) Hours     2 Hours, 22 Minutes Done!  (And that's as good as it's gettin' for tonight.)


  1. yeah, good luck with that!

  2. Wow, just now checked your blog and you be doin' pretty good . . . 'cept for those 4 billable hours. But you are doing great on the other stuff!

    Impressive list to start with. Ask me what I did today. Wood, wood, wood, wood, wood, and a little wood work. (And laundry and paid some bills and went to get milk.)

  3. I love lists! I have one everyday and love highlighting and striking through when I get a task finished. Since my type A personality won't let me leave things undone, I've been known to revise the list repeatedly through the day just so I can get it all crossed off!

    You have so much to enjoy and look forward to you as your farm wakes up for the spring. Enjoy every minute of it and take satisfaction from crossing each accomplishment off the list!

  4. Becky, I commend you for doing it, but I WOULD NOT be able to amend my list / take something off it after creating it! That would feel WAY too much like cheating, like taking the easy way out. But, I think you're doing it in a much smarter fashion than I, lambasting myself for NOT getting everything done! :)

    And so, why don't YOU have a blog? Huh, huh? You write so well and never fail to give me a heart-felt (I can tell!) boost when you comment!

  5. How sweet you are!! I've often thought of blogging, but end up so inspired by reading others like yourself, that that satisfies me and allows me the break I need. I write a lot for my job, which I love, so it's lovely just being filled up by reading what a few other like-minded ladies have to say.

    I hope the weather is as beautiful your way as it is here in Kalamazoo. It's almost 70 today and is suppossed to stay warm through the week. My horses are looking to a much anticipated ride this afternoon!


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