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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

Shoveling Done. More or Less.

I began this post and uploaded the pictures on January 28th.  That was a solid 2+ weeks ago now.  

Still, the snow keeps coming, and I find the areas of snow needing to be shoveled to be MORE than enough to allow for my 'exercise with a purpose' New Year resolution.  And, in that resolution's defense, I will admit that I've noticed two benefits already.  #1, I can toss Tucker, who's built like a brick sh*t house very solidly, into the truck with much more ease than it's required in the past.  #2, one of the most disgusting places to have cottage-cheese-fat-dimpled-skin (the upper arms - ugh!) is actually firming up, I do believe!  And just in time for short sleeves & tanks.  Those days really are just around the corner.  I promise.  It is kinda humorous . . . or aggravating, depending on your perspective:  down by the lake, there is hardly NO snow (including the property my folks call home).

Okay, despite good intentions, my eyes are c-l-o-s-i-n-g.  But, it is 1:28 AM, after all.  Where DO the days go???  Muuuuust sleeeep.  I'll be back tomorrow.  Ahh, later today, that'd be.  :)


  1. What is that "thing" in the last picture to the left of the shoveled path? Looks like the bottom of a floor lamp?

  2. Oh! Ha! Enlarge the picture, and you'll see that it's my favorite snow shovel. I see what you mean, though!

    The dark spot at the bottom left of the image is where the 3 gallon bucket of hot, hot water (that I was taking to the poultry) spilled the day that I tripped and t-h-o-u-g-h-t I was gonna make it to the end of the path without falling . . . but didn't.

  3. Maybe that is the secret to her workout success?!
    It must have been in the air last night, because I was finishing a blog entry and emailing a friend at 1:20 a.m...when I should have been sleeping. But really, who could? We are having some major church issues lately and it has really been heavy on the hearts of a group of us. Much insomnia. And being on my own, always hit me harder at night when things were quieter...all except my brain, which would kick into high gear. Perhaps I should go for the shoveling routine. I do think the correct shovel is part of the answer to this being a good workout.

  4. Karen Sue, you know, when Tom did the bulk of the shoveling around here, I never paid much attention to shovels. A shovel's a shovel, right?

    NO WAY!!!

    I now have My Favorite Snow Shovel, my Shovel For Cleaning In Front Of The Garage Doors, and my Poop Scooping Shovel. Oh, and a new discovery yesterday: the Shovel I Hate!

    Hmm, maybe I should do a post about them all: their pros & cons. (How sad would THAT be?!) Anyway, thanks for reading & commenting . . . and sorry about your church troubles. :(

  5. LOL, Mama Pea, the lamp is so she can see when she is shoveling at 1:30 A.M. when she should be sleeping!! Wow, you certainly have a lot of snow! The pics are beautiful, and snow shoveling is certainly alot of physical exercise!

  6. Erin, hardee-har-har. What can I say? I'm a night-owl! What I realized, though, is that I do need to take a more recent picture than these to show that we have way more snow even now!


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