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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

The Day After

Good morning, and happy Black Friday! Although, I think anyone who goes out shopping today has completely lost their marbles! Battling, elbow to elbow, with oodles of intense shoppers for the best deal of the season? Umm, yeah: my idea of a personal hell. No. Thank. you. Tom convinced me to go shopping in Thunder Bay (Ontario) once on Boxing Day (their version of "good deals" - it's the day after Christmas), saying, "Oh, come one. How bad can it be?" Well, we found out. That was the first and LAST Boxing Day in which we'll participate.

Did you have a good Turkey Day? We had a truly lovely, special one. Although, it went by FAR too quickly! The Pregnant One and her hubby and their sweet, sweet dog, Abby, joined us at my folks' for the day. The baby is due somewhere around the 7th - 12th of December, but we're all convinced she'll (so indicates the ultrasound) arrive sooner. I say it will be sometime next week, Tom says December 6th. I have my "for the hospital" bag nearly packed. All I'm missing is the requested good, interesting book for me to read aloud. I think I'm gonna grab one from the Laura Ingalls Wilder series. I just have to get up into one of the storage spaces and go thru our boxes of books in order to find 'em, first.

Much discussion yesterday focused on the weather and how there was ALWAYS snow and ice skating for Thanksgivings of yore. And, while the lack of cold weather makes travel much easier, it sure doesn't seem like a "real Thanksgiving" without frozen ponds & lakes . . . much less a nice layer of the white stuff. The temperature finally dropped last night, getting down to 22 before we even left for home, and snow is forecast for later in the week, but the mercury's still anticipated to linger around 30. Boooo! Bring on winter! After all, we can hardly go out to cut down the Christmas tree until it FEELS like the holiday season!

This year is the first since Tom and I have been together (13 years) that he's had a job requiring him to work the day after Thanksgiving, and that put a little damper on the enjoyment yesterday. But, now that he's in the Hospitality Industry, it was up and out before the sky even began to lighten, like any ol' Friday. Blech. No fun! (The resort he works for is a ski resort, and they ALWAYS open on Thanksgiving each year. But, this year has been so mild that they haven't even been able to make snow at night! Their projected opening date this year is December 5th. And, with the economy being what it is, having to postpone the opener is going to hurt, I'm sure!)

Tomorrow is the first holiday sale (art fair) of the season, so today will be a FULL one for me. I'll not be as prepared as I like (am I EVER?!), but I'll do my darnedest to have the fullest display I can muster in the next 24 hours. Wish me luck and send me some extra energy telepathically, okay?


  1. Love your blog!!! I'm here from Jenna's and will catch up on your story over time. Your home is lovely! We live in Michigan, so many of your pictures look familiar. I'll look forward to visiting again soon.

    Becky in Kalamazoo

  2. Becky! Welcome! I just went onto Google Maps to find Kalamazoo and see if I had to be completely jealous that you were in the U.P. getting continuously socked by winter snow (that blows right over us and lands on their shore), but, nope - you're way down south! It sure is fun to meet new friends online, though, so THANKS for taking the time to write!

    I looked at your profile (private). Do you have a blog?

    Anyway, I hope you stick around - every new reader helps me keep up the impetus required to post regularly! ;)

  3. No, we're not "Up North" but we get our share of strong winter weather because we're so close to Lake Michigan. I adore winter!

    No, I don't have a blog, but I am on Facebook under Rebecca Ringler.

    We have a farmette, a few acres, and 2 horses. I enjoy reading about others who are living the country life. So much to learn and such great info to share. I'll be back!


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