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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

"I got, got, got, got no time . . . ."

Chicken Mama & one half of Phys-Phys
(see blog list on the right-hand side of this screen).
She's my oldest friend . . . since we were five . . . 33 years ago!
Hard to imagine how the time FLIES!

This weekend is my 20th high school class reunion. (An impossibility since that would mean that we're full-blown adults who "know what we're doing" now!)

I (stupidly?) volunteered to design a website for the reunion and so that has been why you haven't seen me here lately. It's taken SOOOO much time! (But, it's free advertising for Chicken Mama's Graphic & Web Design.)

Anyway, since I'm in the thick of these photos, I'll post some oldies but goodies. (As time allows.)

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  1. Great photo. Love the oldies! Can't wait to see more.


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