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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

Today . . . .

I need to:
  • Do some Chicken Mama's Graphic & Web Design work.
  • Do some of the above - pro bono - for the local art festival. DONE! Okay, so now I only have 2 things done, and it's already 12:54. Greeeeatt.
  • Kill mosquitoes.
  • Work in the garden (tomatoes, onions, and potatoes need to be planted).
  • Work in the chicken yard.
  • Kill mosquitoes.
  • Call a girlfriend back about babysitting on Friday. DONE!
  • Kill mosquitoes.
  • Empty the compost bucket.
  • Make the 1-hour-round-trip down to a client/friend/massage therapist's to work on her computer in trade for massages.
  • Finish & deliver belated birthday present for above friend.
  • Print two essential oil invoices.
  • Eat something. DONE! Not satisfying, though. Although, the hour+ break I took in front of the DVD & flatscreen upstairs was . . . even tho I'm feeling a little guilty about taking the time.
I want to:
  • Make cupcakes (the butter is softening). After all, I DO have my priorities!
  • Clean the pantry (whose desperate state I noticed while grabbing the ingredients for the cupcakes).
  • Work on the family tree.
I should:
  • Get some ironing done.
  • Wash a batch of clothes.
  • Vacuum.
  • Do some yard work - still have those flowers seeds to plant.
  • Pay some bills.
  • Fill the birdfeeder.
  • E-mail my Tallulah's goose egg customers telling them she's done laying for the year.
  • Brush my teeth and wash my face! (Oh, you mean most people get that done FIRST THING in the morning?!) DONE!
  • Do the dishes.
  • Clip my toenails.
  • Make cottage cheese out of the gallon of milk in the refrig before it goes bad.
  • Work on my own Chicken Mama Originals (photography business) for the upcoming art festival. Tiny bit DONE by default of finishing above-mentioned birthday gift. New card line: Quotationery! (Get it: stationery + quotes!)
  • Update the blog. DONE! (Thanks, Mom!)
  • Refill the water that's evaporated out of the fish aquarium.
  • Put the screen in the window above the kitchen sink so I can open it now that it's bug season.


  1. You forgot to put down "Update my blog" . . . which you DID do! Quick, write it down so you can cross it off. :o)

  2. Will do! Kind of a cheatin' way of doin' it, though, wasn't it? ;)

  3. Fab pictures. I cannot wait for my blackcurrants to ripen. I really adore them, yum yum yum. Do you have them in your garden?

  4. You have the same problem I do sometimes -- not enough hours in the day to accomodate all the things that need to get done! Good luck!


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