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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

Today I . . . .

  • Boiled the coffee percolator dry. (I still haven't peeked inside. I guess we'll know the status when I make coffee in the morning.)
  • Felt my new meds kick in (better living through pharmaceuticals)!
  • Cut and fed raw venison to the dogs twice.
  • Did $90 worth of work for Chicken Mama's Graphic & Web Design.
  • Checked 5 of my broody hen's discarded eggs to see which weren't fertilized and which had wee babes in them. (Five was all I could handle for today.)
  • Vacuumed every nook and cranny of the stairway and repaired the places where the rug was coming up.
  • Put a dead duck (Miss Black Duck with the White Bib) on top of the car so that the dogs wouldn't get to her until I could drive out tomorrow and dump the carcass. (Found her dead in the poultry yard this AM.)
  • Battled with the washing machine which decided to stop draining water. (While the king-sized down comforter was in it.)
  • Took down one load of wash and hung another on the line.
  • Got the down comforter dried and fluff, fluff, fluffed.
  • Stripped the bed and put on line-dried sheets. (Aaaah, can you smell 'em?) Oh, and the newly clean down comforter.
  • Vacuumed up many flies in the bedroom.
  • Cleaned the monster tub upstairs, that toilet, and vacuumed that bathroom's floor. What's the only bad thing about that monster-sized tub we had to have? Yup, scrubbing it.
  • Transplanted two big clumps of lupines and one large clump of Sweet William from the new field garden that my dad plowed up a couple of days ago (Thanks, Daddy!).
  • Wore my headnet during all of the above-mentioned outside tasks.
  • Got disappointed that Tom's 1:00 interview went extremely well but that they have to wait for June's profits / losses to come in before they can decide whether or not they can fill this position.
  • Picked ticks off both Maisy & Tucker.
  • Annnnnnd . . . well, that's enough, right?!


  1. Gee, sorry you didn't have anything to do today. I guess it must have been a really boring day. Anyway, hopefully tomorrow will bring more challenges!
    Love to you guys!
    Marty & Debi
    Hope to see you soon! And we'll send pictures of Cathy & Lee's wedding this weekend.

  2. So . . . what are these new meds you're on? And can I have some?

  3. Uncle M,

    Hey, you're going to their wedding? Yayy! It's in Vegas, right? Is her son gonna give her away? DO send pictures!!


    I think it's also a combination of my body FINALLY getting healthy and returning to where it should be (instead of feeling like the 80-year old body it's felt like for so long)!

  4. I didn't realize some healthcare providers are still prescribing cocaine! Settle down, woman!

  5. There aren't enough meds in the WORLD to make 41 degrees and a wind chill of 27 on June 8 acceptable in any way, shape or form.

    I can't BELIEVE that none of the famous depressives throughout history lived in Duluth.

    This town will break your heart.


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