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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

Back At It

Good morning!

I'm sure most of us are getting our heads back on straight after the long weekend. Even to me, who doesn't work a "normal job" outside the home, the holiday weekends always cause of a bit of the "what day is it?" syndrome.

So, yup, it's been a busy couple o' days. I worked (nannied) on Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. Friday was the benefit at the local folk school that our dear, wonderful friends hosted for us. L just returned from a trip to the North Pole, guiding two other intrepid explorers. They "summited" on April 25th. So, he presented slides & movies from this trip as well as some from his past excursions to a nearly standing-room-only crowd. I counted 85 people sitting, and there were more milling about and standing, so I think the total number was around 100. Seeing people donate and write checks when the economy is in such turmoil is incredibly humbling. Once again, I struggle with the way to adequately extend our thanks. (But, believe me: what goes around, comes around. You can BET that at the next benefit for a community member who's come on hard times . . . we'll be there, AND we'll be donating whatever we can.)

My oldest girlfriend (for the past 32 years - YIKES!) and her family came to stay at our little Håfweh Haus cabin for the weekend, too. Since she grew up here, they are always nearly overwhelmed with dates to visit friends and family, and so even though we only got to visit Sunday morning over a delicious brunch on the shores of the big lake, it was a perfect, wonderful visit. Their little man is 9 months old now and VERY huggable, kissable, and downright squeezable!

Once I got him in my arms, I had a hard time giving him up!

Here's a shot of him with his mama. (I caught her mid-blink, so she looks a little sleepy in this shot . . . but I wanted to show the lovely smile!)

I realized once we got home and I downloaded all the pictures I'd taken that there wasn't ONE with all of us . . . of course! Seems like when there's a baby in the mix, all the adults are forgotten. Wish I'd thought to get a shot of us all, tho.

I really like this shot of the little man. I caught him "mid-bounce", playing with his Unu. C has dubbed us Una and Unu, which I love! Up North Auntie / Uncle.

Here's another cute one. I loved his little sailor suit and linen shirt . . . which his mama ironed specifically for me (all of you who really know me will get that joke)!

After a late but very fun night out with friends Sunday night, Tom and I were both fairly exhausted yesterday. But, I put Mind over Matter into action and worked in the kitchen all day. I got a casserole (hotdish, to you fellow Minnesotans) made for dinner and a MASSIVE batch of dishes* done throughout the course of the day . . . and FINALLY cleaned the refrig. (It was bad, real bad! Stinky, too.)

So, now it's clean - which feels great - but also VERY empty! (Condiments, anyone?)

* Dishes. When we were staying at our friends' in Sedona following Tom's accident, I got to use a dish washer for the very first time. (Yes, in my LIFE!) And, let me tell you . . . WOAH! I want one o' those!!! WHAT a time-saver! Unfortunately, an electric dish washer would not be a great fit here at off-grid Swamp River Ridge . . . and our last house's limited supply of well water never would have supported one, either, so I've never gotten a chance to experience the ease of this modern invention. I mean, I spend untolled H-O-U-R-S washing dishes! It's one of Tom's pet peeves to have dirty dishes sitting in the kitchen, but since I won't let him do them (yes, I do have issues!), I never seem to be able to keep on top of them!


Tom and I have never gone this late in the season before letting the perpetual fire burn down in the outdoor wood furnace and turning off the pumps which heat the house. We were going to do it yesterday, but then the forecast predicted temps in the 40s for all of this week, so we're gonna wait a while longer. It sure has been a cool and late spring!

Tomorrow we're going for a day of fishing (if the weather holds) with dear friends. They've never been out on "our" river here, and we haven't been out yet this year, so it's a perfect match. (Convenient, too!) H and I divvied up the food responsibilities (although she seems to be taking the bulk of it on all by herself!), so I need to bake bread today for our smoked turkey sandwiches.

[On Saturday, Tom went fishing with our friend L (the Polar explorer). One of the reasons he and I haven't been out on the river yet is because we were apprehensive about his ability to paddle (so soon after his accident). But, he and L tested some canoes at another friend's outfitters that day, and . . . drumroll, please . . . he can paddle! And so we can get out on the river tomorrow and any day thereafter.]

Okay, I'll sign off for now. Wish we could get a full-sun day to charge up the electrical system. I REALLY need to get some ironing done, but that sucks up the energy too quickly to do it on anything but a sun-sunny day.


  1. Great to see you "back in the saddle" of blogging again!

    What adorable pictures of the little man. When I had him on my lap bouncing, it felt like his little legs were two high-powered pistons.

    N-I-C-E refrig! I love it when my refrig looks empty like that. Hmmm, I should maybe analyze that. Because it looks so organized? I know what's in there? I have room to put new stuff in? Dunno, but I envy yours.

  2. Hi! Were you at Naniboujou :) lodge for brunch or where was that?That little guy is adorable. Also, that little girl that you sit for is so cute! Love the pic of her tucked in your coat-I used to do that with our kids.

  3. Mama,

    Yeah, I love having a clean refrig, but I don't like the feeling of "there's nothing to eat"!


    Yup, we were at Naniboujou! What perceptive eyes you have! ;) Yes, Baby Girl is adorable, and will only get moreso as she develops more expressions . . . at just over 5 months old, she's not quiiiite there yet!

  4. That little baby is such a cutie!

    Your clean fridge is very inspiring (the only day mine was that clean was the first day I got it)

    I stopped using my automatic dishwasher about a year ago. It's not an energy star and uses way too much water and electricity. So every night I just fill the sink and wash the day's dishes and Rick's my dish dryer. That way we can share the dishwashing "fun."


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