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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

Tempting Fate

To tempt Fate or not to tempt Fate? That is the question.

We got (some of) the predicted storm (NOT "upwards of a foot and a half" but more like 8-12"), and I need to go to town today. That means that I need to plow the 4 miles out to the road. And, today is December 15th.

Don't get the correlation?

Well, for the past two years, I have needed to plow on December 15th. And, for the past two years while plowing on December 15th, I have gotten irrevocably STUCK.

So, my plan is this: wait until the last possible minute this afternoon before I head out. That way, my chances of the guys (who are logging behind the Trapper Cabin) coming out - and plowing with the commercial grader they have parked at the end of our winter driveway - is greatest. Do I have any indications that they WILL work today? Nope. But, a girl can always hope.

And, if it (the plowing) IS up to me, I'll just aim for the middle of the road, and hope for the best! (Oh, and pack a couple of shovels and dress REALLY warmly!) We've got high winds that started last night, and cold temps. It's -5.1° as I type with 31 mph wind gusts. That makes for a -26° wind chill. But, I'll take that ANY DAY over 90° summer heat! (Can you tell: I'm a wintertime girl?)

An afterthought: I just realized that - no matter what (even if I didn't need to go to town today) - I HAVE to plow . . . if I want my husband home tonight! He was on his way home from Minneapolis yesterday and had to stop for the afternoon and night in Hinckley (about 1 1/2 - 2 hours north of the Cities) due to the weather. Even with snow tires on it, the Yaris ain't gonna be blastin' through the hard-scrubbed drifts that are out there now!

I took this Friday morning out the kitchen window. -16°!

And, this was that same morning on my way to work. The moon was HUGE, bright, and beautiful!


  1. What a couple of wintry looking pictures! Gorgeous shot of the moon. Methinks winter is here to stay. (Bet the dust on your gravel roads isn't bad these days.)

  2. GOOD LUCK ON THE ROAD!!! I'll be checking back for pics of you in the ditch, hahahaha. Maybe you'll break the 12/15 curse. Also...was that snow and frost INSIDE the kitchen window???

  3. WOO-HOOOO! The B Boys (the loggers are twins) plowed!!! Yayyy! NOW if I get stuck, it REALLY means things went poorly! (And doesn't say much for my driving skills!)

    P.S. Believe me, Clairice, there probably WOULD have been a picture of me in the ditch had I had to plow! You know it! Uh-huuuh! ;)

  4. So what's your secret, wintertime girl? I'm a fall-time girl myself, so I'm starting to get a bit grumbly.. though beautiful snowscapes certainly help lighten the mood! Thanks for sharing yours :)

  5. You header picture is way cool!

    You have now broken the curse of 12/15.

    It was really good to see Tom. Glad he decided to hunker down. It was horrible down here in the big shitty.

  6. I wouldn't mind winter so much if we didn't have that daily commute. Some drivers in Rochester are SO STUPID!
    Glad you got your driveway plowed without incident.


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