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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

Nightie, Night

I should be in bed. Or, nearer to it than I am. But, since the rest of our week's schedule is lookin' pretty crazy, I thought I'd better take the time now to write.

A blogger who I occasionally read (no segue here, but did any of us know what a 'blogger' even WAS ten years ago?!) just wrote the following:
"So I've been writing [. . .] quite some time. And since I started this site I've come to meet a lot of fine people along the way. People from all over the world who take part in all the little triumphs (and troubles) [. . . .] Now I want to ask you a favor. If you read my blog regularly, please respond to this post with a comment about yourself. Tell me where you're from, what you do [* . . . .] What would you like me to write more about? Is there anything I can explain better? The more I know about the people reading up on me, the better I can write stuff you'll be interested in taking time out of your busy lives to read. But beyond content and criticism, I'd just really appreciate getting to know more of you, as you've all come to know me. So please come in, sit down, and say hello."

I couldn't have said it better myself (so I didn't). But, the point is, who are YOU? I know of The Usual Suspects (Mom, Tom - he says he likes to know what he's been up to!, Mrs. Phys-Phys, KT, B, and Uncle M), but who else is out there? As of (hang on) . . . NOW . . . that blogger has received 40 replies! If I'm even 1/4 that lucky, I'll be tickled. ;) (And, my * refers to me adding "why you read this blog".)

Now, back to the daily drudgery (Did I just say that? Must be the Mexican hot chocolate talking.)

I FINALLY got the salsa all canned today! Some of the tomatoes had been waiting a little too long for my attention, so a good portion were thrown to the chickens, ducks, turkey, and goose. BUT, that's good, too: it will come back to us in healthy eggs and meat.

This initial shot is of our Swamp River Ridge Salsa (medium, thank you very much) in the big pot . . . up close and personal.
("Swampy Salsa"? Umm . . . no.)

And . . . a satisfying shot of a job completed. 23 half-pints of salsa, all tolled. Yayyy!

Next it was on to the honkin' big zucchini that had been living on my countertop for a week or more (having been harvested - as the above tomatoes had been - from my mama's almost over-abundant garden). They were, by far, the easiest processing I've done this year between the green beans, pickles, salsa, and now these. They just needed some sugar to help preserve them in the freezer.

So, after peeling and shredding them all (I should have taken a picture of that!), I divided them and their respective amounts of sugar into freezer bags. Now I have 11 packages ready and waiting for 11 batches of zucchini bread to be made some cold winter day. Mmmm, can't you almost smell it baking already?

Meanwhile, after a full morning of volunteering at the local folk school preparing for the big shebang this weekend and a full afternoon of meetings, Tom came home early enough to hit the last of the wood we harvested this past weekend. The small, gangly tree ends were thrown into the truck, as is. (The guys didn't take time to cut them onsite.) So, with proper OSHA-approved clothing and footwear (ah-hem!), Tom took care of that pile tonight with his lightweight baby-sized chainsaw.

That's all for now. Happy Hump Day (in 5 minutes).


  1. Dear Chicken Mama -

    Everything you have to say is super-interesting and informative and I eagerly look forward to reading about all that is going on in your unique, busy, crazy, animal-filled life. I learn a lot from reading your posts. Love all the pictures as they add so much. More frequent postings would be much appreciated.

    I'm probably your most faithful reader . . . because I'm your mother and sometimes your blog is the only way to keep track of the whirlwind life you and my favorite son-in-law lead.

    Lots of love,
    Mama Pea

    P.S. If you want to check up to see if your father and I are behaving, some night when you're catching up on desk/computer work at your usual 10:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. time, check out my blog: http://ahomegrownjournal.blogspot.com. (Tee-hee.)

  2. I read it all the time, especially now that I am home with the baby all day. I demand daily posts with pictures. ;) Just kidding, I know you are too busy for that. Anyway, I am addicted to checking people's blogs and it is such a great way to keep up with the day-to-day lives of friends.

    Speaking of posts, I should update my own blog...

    Looking forward to seeing you and having you meet our little Owl.

  3. Hey baby ...
    Yup, you're on my "blogs I follow" list 'cause I miss you! I'm fascinated by the life you're creating for yourselves up there in the woods, and it's always fun to hear about the trips you make to the twin ports AFTER THE FACT!!!


    And yes, the pictures are grand. I give your blog URL out to people pretty often, since most of the folks who live down here are wannabes who would give anything for your life!

    Me, well, I just dream of the day I can haul the '71 Forester camper up there, park it in your driveway, and retire. Look for me in early September, 2021 ...


  4. I, too am a pretty faithful reader. I like to hear what you two are up to and am amazed at the amount of work you both do. I love your style of writing and the humor. Gotta have humor.

    I love the pictures. For instance the salsa picture is unique. Love pictures of the pups, cats, nature, you and Tom.

    Alot of times I feel like I am right there. I am addicted to blogs of my friends wait other than mine yours is the only one I really keep checking.

    I like how you change up the layout. It gives me ideas and tells me I should switch mine up every once in a while.

    If your post more I would have a harder time keeping up than I do :)

    From the beginning it was so cool to watch the process of the house building.



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