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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne


So, where do you even begin when you've not written in so long . . . and life has been non-stop?

We are exhausted. We are both bordering on being sick simply due to that base, elemental e-x-h-a-u-s-t-i-o-n. My mom joked the other day, "You know, you two should really move out into the woods where life is slower." Good idea. Interior of Alaska, here we come! (I wish! But then there's the little matter of this land and house on Swamp River Ridge that we've built and fallen in love with. HOWEVER, if we could instantly transport both of those things to a place where no telephones nor roads existed? Buh-bye!)

But, I digress. And, besides, we've made our proverbial bed, so we must lay in it. (No matter how hard and unrelenting it may currently seem.) And, it does help put things in perspective when we have dear friends going through one of the most difficult things parents must EVER contend with. "Problems" are all relative, aren't they?

Anyhoo . . . .

In order of importance (and we'll see how far I get here): Tom.

Tom has been wonderfully, tirelessly plugging away on becoming established in the Handyman Service industry. And, established he is! With no actual "advertising", word-of-mouth is reaching far and wide. Today he is the "pro" at a timber frame raising. After assisting with only three in his lifetime (I think), two of which were ours, I wonder how that leadership position will suit him? I know he'll channel his administrating / manager (not-so-distant) past, and, as long as he puts trust in his ability, he'll do FINE! :)

As soon I have the time, I'll get some information and photos up on his business website. The windows and door on that log cabin have been completed, and most of the work down in the county south of us is finished. Matter of fact, he's not even sure he'll submit the bid on the final work they want done since the trek is SO far. But then, there's always the "in order to make it worth my while" bid amount! ;)

He's currently processing the bid on a handicap-accessible wooden sidewalk/ramp/"loading" deck that a wheelchair-bound local needs. But, it's a big job (about 80' of ramp on a severe incline), and he's not sure how he feels about it.

The home which needed scrap cleaned up out of the backyard, a new roof put on the potting shed, and greenhouse re-roofed and sided is nearly complete (at least those aspects of the job). Next is a paving stone patio between the work-out studio and guest bedroom at the back of the garage. I'm going to make it a priority to take "before" pictures to post with the "after" pictures on his business website. Unfortunately, I thought of that too late for the potting shed and greenhouse. But, I CAN do it with the patio.

Then, when he can squeeze in a day or two, Tom is still painting for our friend who owns the painting company (who also happens to be Poppa to the wee one I nanny for). After Tom spent some time talking to the owner at a particular jobsite last week, the owner mentioned to our friend, "Ummm, that employee of yours is WAY over-qualified!" Our friend laughed, shook his head, and self-deprecatingly said, "Yep, we can't figure out why he wants to work for us!"

Finally, there's the house - this house - for Tom . . . and I know the pressure has been build, build, building inside him to get something DONE around here this summer before the season is over. (And, that's ENTIRELY self-imposed pressure, mind you - I put ENOUGH negative pressure on MYSELF that I would NEVER put any on him! He's doing a GREAT job bringin' home the bacon!!!) By sheer willpower, I think ('cause it has nothing to do with having any "time"!), Tom has managed to get the tippy-top eaves / fascia and soffits completed on the house this summer. All that's left to 99% finish the exterior of the house is staining the deck and painting the front and side doors. He informed me, last night, that those tasks WOULD be completed this weekend. Although, with the amount of deck area that we have, I can't imagine him doing it all in a weekend. But, I know he'll get a good start on it. And, if I don't get the doors painted (a task I've declared that I WILL DO MYSELF), he has threatened to "get it done". So, come hell or high water, you know what I'll be doing tomorrow.

Okay, I truly-duly will try to get back to this today, but there are more pressing matters (and smelly dishes molding in the sink) to tend to.

Here's a parting shot of Tucker this morning . . . who's not allowed on the furniture. (Besides the fact that he IS, very obviously, ON the furniture, notice anything different about him?)

Oh, and as incentive for me, leave a comment regarding what you want me to write about next. 'Cause, like I said, there's so much. So, ask and you shall receive.


  1. "Lay" = place
    "Lie" = recline.

    You have made your bed and now you must LIE in it.

    This message brought to you by POEM - the Professional Organization of English Majors!


  2. Ppppbbbbtttt!

    This message brought to you by WYGTI - Whatever, You Get The Idea.


    (Okay, truth be told, I'm gonna put that on a Post-It on my screen here 'cause, even tho I did go back for my 2nd degree IN Grammar, I've always gotten those two wrong . . . .)

    xox Me

    P.S. When life is more manageable this fall, I promise that we WILL get together!!!


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