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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

The Unveiling

My uncle in California just sold the ceramics business that he and my oldest uncle (on that side of the family) started back in the '70s and which he soon-thereafter took over completely. Even Grandma and Grandpa were involved for years - Grandma hand-painting and detailing many of the pots. And, my cousin, one of Uncle's nephews, has been the right-hand man for many, many years.

But, this fall before he sold, my uncle (having made the glassware & mugs for our Hastings Inn Free House) gifted us once again . . . this time with the barware for the new pub! And so, while the pub is far from being finished, I think we can officially release the new name. Look closely: it will be the Swamp & Pigeon Rivers Inn!

Whadya think?


  1. Great pictures! I should have hired you to do my catalog shots ages ago.

    Just for the record, Ed was never involved with the ceramics business, just with "The Chest" our gift shop and canned plant business.

  2. Beautiful! So, when's the party??

  3. P.S: the font is so much better! What about putting some candles in the windows of the house to warm up the picture a bit? Just an idea...


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