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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

Animal Shenanigans

Annie Blue has climbed a tree out of fear (more times just for the heck of it) twice
now . . . and required a ladder rescue each time. When she climbs them just for fun, she comes down of her own accord. But, Thursday night, we were sure she was in deep, deep trouble. It had been my town day, and she'd scooted outside when Tom was helping me unload the car and carry groceries, etc. into the house. Once we realized she was still outside when it was so dark and there were more critters (owls) out and about to get her, we went searching. The bell on her collar and the f-a-i-n-t-e-s-t of pitiful "mew"s REALLY worried us because they were coming from
deep within the huge boulders off the deck. (Little did we know she was a ventriloquist.) Anyway, fast forward past a frantic 5 minutes or so (it seemed more like 15) of searching in the rocks to no avail . . . and, out of desperation, we started shining our flashlights up into the surrounding trees. There she was . . . WAYYYY up in a cedar. So, off Tom trudged to the garage to get an extension ladder for the 2nd of two such rescues. (Mind you, had it been daytime, we would have let her find her own way down!)

Miss Kitty - just this week - has finally let us see a glimpse of her old self (6 weeks into the addition of Annie Blue) by playing with her organic catnip banana . . . but she still growls at the new fur ball every chance she gets. And, yes, she did get locked in the garage one night until we wondered where she was at 1:30 AM . . . when we saw (or, more accurately, felt) that she wasn't in her usual place at the foot of our bed!

Tucker has had to go back to sleeping in his kennel (or, more to the point, being locked in his kennel) at night because otherwise we'd continue to find him happily nestled into the corner of the couch each morning as if he'd slept there every night of his life! Darn hairy little dust mop!

And, finishing out the most recent poll: yes, "all the above" was the correct answer because Annie Blue does tackle Tucker at every possible opportunity. Actually, Tom and I were commenting just last night that the animal combination we have now seems to be just right. With the addition of the kitten, Tucker is no longer constantly pestering Maisy, so Maisy and Miss Kitty can live a life of comfort - for the most part. And, Tucker's finally getting a taste of his own medicine from Annie Blue! ;)

Planning for the perfect moment to ambush . . . .

(Good gawd, somebody needs to dust that furniture!)

And I will ATTACK that fuzzy tail!

Then . . . the FACE! (Watch those eyes, please!)

A little up-close-and-personal now (on top of Mom's legs).

Darn! He's starting to figure it out!

Fun's over for the night.

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