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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

Where Does The Time Go?

I know it's the granddaddy of all questions, but, really, why does time fly by so quickly?! I think my day started off on the wrong foot this morning - at least time-wise - when I awoke in what I perceived to be the middle of the night to . . . use the facilities. Coming back to bed and looking forward to the remaining hours of sleep, I was only slightly less than horrified to see that it was 5:45, and I only had 15 minutes before the alarm went off. Ouch and double ouch.

From when I finally forced myself (back) out of bed at 6:20 this morning until 10:00 tonight when we FINALLY sat down to dinner, the day flew. (Although, I must admit that lying in bed for those last precious 35 minutes in the still-dark morning today was made all the sweeter by the yips and howls of the wolf pack that's been serenading us lately!)

The three "must-attend-to"s on the docket today were: my two good guys from the gas company coming for what would hopefully be the last installation visit, the first day for the rock work on the house (yayyy!), and - drumroll, please - tax day. Yes, I know it's October and not April, but, for the first time, I filed an extension this year. Unfortunately, those 6 months ZIPPED by, and I found myself a bit harried today!

With the gas company, I totally botched it. My fault, I admit it. (TOTALLY my fault.) They could only do about 1/3 of the work planned because I hadn't done (or lovingly asked my dear husband to do) any of the prep work that I'd promised. Matter of fact, I'd COMPLETELY forgotten about it! Whoops! But, their trip was not wasted, and my new modern-day range is now hooked up and working. Matter of fact, we had a pizza tonight in the new oven to celebrate! (The oven in the 1930's cookstove is not ideal, so we've been living without one.) Anyway, fast-forward to tonight when Tom and I were drilling the holes through the I-joists in the ceiling of the garage and running the flexible gas lines so that the gas company can come back tomorrow to finish what they'd hoped to do today!

The masons for the stone work on the house seem like great people, but preparing for that project - now that the installers are physically here to see the site - resulted, inevitably it seems, in unplanned and IT-HAS-TO-BE-DONE-NOW work for us. So, that resulted in a quick (ha!) run into town for me (after getting the taxes in the mail) at the end of the day for materials . . . and then the two of us installing exterior GFI outlets and window flashing in the pouring rain tonight! Thank goodness for small favors, though: the weather has warmed up, and it's in the 40s.

And, lest you think life has gotten dull around here (ah-hem), we bought our new (to us) plow truck over the weekend! (That was after Tom's fire warden stint when he saw the smoke in the valley below - which, thankfully, turned out to be nothing. At least, we never heard anything about it nor saw any more smoke after that morning.)

But, back to the truck - MY truck, I like to think . . . since I AM the plow girl! ;) It's just what we'd been looking for (except for that part where it costs more than $5): a 1-ton crew cab with an 8' bed. We'd been looking for a long time, and - wonder of wonders - ended up finding it right here at home! The only down side to it was the HIDEOUS purple, pink, and white factory-applied swooping and sweeping decal all along each side of it. And, to think: someone purposefully applied that! Anyway, thanks to my ingenious father and husband, it was removed by the end of the day with the aid of a heat gun and lots of Tom's elbow grease! And, driving down to Duluth yesterday to pick up grain and pick OUT a new snowplow (more on that in the future), I've already put 500 miles on it!

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  1. Hello? What? You're busy? Come on.....you never answered MY email. I am taking Wed off (cough cough) we will be at our beautful little refuge by dinner time tomorrow.

    You know how to find us.


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