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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

Another Day Gone By

[I wrote the following entry last night, but the modem wasn't cooperating as far as posting went. So, you get it this morning! And, Tom moved the modem into the house today from the utility room of the garage which will help satellite reception - just one more step towards full "convenience" here in the house. Watch out - the phone may be next! ;) ]

Last night's post:

Here it is - dark outside and the day is over (oh-so-much earlier than in the long-light days of summer). And, as usual, I find myself wondering, "Where did the day go?!"

The masons started the rock work on the house last Monday, but progress is slow. The crew that has been contracted to lay the stone seems to do truly stellar work, and we're thrilled with that aspect of things. But, they're a family operation which, just of recent late, seems to be creating some sort of problem. And, that has resulted in zero progress. The problem for us comes not so much directly from their (seemingly lack of) work schedule but indirectly from it. See, the price we agreed to with the stone manufacturer (it is cultured stone and not "real") does NOT include the price for tenting and heating the house (or, more specifically, the portion they're currently working on). And, once the temperature drops to a certain point, the tenting must begin. Soooo . . . the more progress they can make before the weather turns colder, the more money we save! See where I'm going with this? Hence the discussion I'm going to have with them tomorrow (assuming they show up). And, if that doesn't produce some results, I'll be placing a call to the mother-ship company!

Anyway . . . .

Tom and I got the dryer hooked up today which I'm going to try out in . . . (let me check the washer cycle) . . . precisely 45 minutes! I stripped the bed, and we'll be enjoying freshly laundered, hot-out-of-the-dryer flannel sheets tonight when we go to sleep. M-m-good! :) It's good timing, too, because my line drying was becoming a bit ineffective since it's been colder and the humidity higher. Clothes have been hanging out there for 2 days or so before they dry.

We had a great dinner in town last night and then visit out here today with our closest friends. (Who jokingly complained that they had to drive to Canada to get to us!) I don't think they'd seen the house since helping put the timberframe up last October! And, with them here filling our house with happiness and laughter (mushy, I know, but true), we had our first "dinner with friends all 'round the big dining room table" . . . even tho it was just Subway that they'd volunteered to bring from town!

So, that's the big news. Nothing too earth-shattering going on right now. Tom had a couple of late nights at work this week, and I continue to plug away here on the house. Yesterday I finally attacked the utility room and put the closet (somewhat) together. At least we finally have somewhere to hang coats and put boots now! As we keep reminding ourselves, each day - no matter how tiny an amount it is - we are making forward progress!

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