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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

The Last Day of June - Part Deux

(I went ahead and posted that first bit of my update because of the worry of that infrequent, but OH-so-aggravating inexplicable spontaneous computer combustion . . . and the resulting loss of everything I'd just spent so much time writing!)

Regarding the two properties we have on the market: our little house here down by the big lake and the cabin on Lake Shetek in southwestern MN . . . . Our Hastings-on-the-Lake has been on the market now for a little over a week: since a week ago this past Tuesday. BUT, 48 hours after the sign went into the ground, we had an offer! We counter-offered, and it was accepted . . . the only hiccup being that the purchase agreement is contingent on the prospective buyer's financing. And, that situation doesn't look as rosy as first thought. So, we are waiting to hear confirmation on that within the next couple of weeks. Meanwhile, our realtor can still show it (which he will on Sunday), and we can even sign back-up purchase agreements with new buyers in case this first one falls through. If this does go through, though, we'll close on September 15th (immediate occupancy for the buyer) - which is one of the main reasons why we have REALLY kicked it into high gear now up at the property!

The cabin down south is moving slower. It's a much quieter market down there, and that area certainly doesn't attract the tourists like we do up here. Nor, in hard-working farm country, do potential buyers tend to have much extra money to throw around. We do have a current offer in, though, which we countered today. And, we expect (hope for) a good bit of activity this weekend and coming week as the 4th of July holiday brings people into the lake area.
Miscellaneous: it is dangerously dry up here, and we need rain desperately. The county is putting calcium chloride on the roads to try to keep the dust down. The mosquitoes have been HORRENDOUS lately! (Enough said.) And, on an up note, the first of my peonies opened today!
Last weekend we had a terrific visit with family that I had never met before! It was my grandpa's (on my dad's side) sister (so, that would be my dad's aunt) and her daughter and son-in-law. The daughter and my dad are exactly the same age but hadn't seen each other in about 51 years - even though this branch of the family has always lived in Wisconsin (so close)!!! Unreal! Anyway, they were all lovely, and Aunt Charlotte is a HOOT! She's 88 years old and walks 3 miles a day! She put us all to shame! But, there's no doubt that that woman has fun every second that she can - it was a go-go-go weekend, and Tom and I particularly loved getting to know her. We've promised a visit to them in southern Wisconsin for her 90th birthday next fall.
Well, I'll sign off for now and post a few pictures. Have a fun and safe extended 4th of July weekend! (You know where we'll be!)

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  1. Ok maybe it's been awhile, but it hasn't been 51 years. Who ever came up with that is definately not a math person!!!


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