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"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful."
- Unknown

"That which does not kill you, makes you stronger."
- Handed down through the ages.

"Life's tough. It's even tougher when you're stupid."
- John Wayne

A Real Update (vs. Just Pictures)

As I'd mentioned, my oldest girlfriend got married last Saturday, the 20th. She and her husband tied the knot down on our very own historic dock and then held the reception up at the town hall. Being that the wedding and ceremony locations were each within 30 seconds of our house here, Hastings-on-the-Lake was turned into Grand Wedding Central Station from when the bride and groom arrived from Iowa two weeks ago until this past Friday. So, while that was a most merry occasion to celebrate, you can imagine that the flip side is that Tom and I have not gotten a single thing done around here nor up at the property. Add to that the fact that he was gone for 3 days that first week and then all of last week, and, well, you get the idea.
Further "complicating" matters was our latest little furry family addition! So, to make it official: please welcome Tuff Tucker, a purebred Cardigan Welsh Corgi to the fold(Queen Elizabeth has Pemroke Welsh Corgis - a smaller-boned and docked-tailed version)! Tucker was born in southern MN - very close to the IA border - on March 25th with 8 littermates. That made him 9 weeks old yesterday. And, we have to say: he is the sweetest, best-behaved, most fun little pup we have ever seen. As far as puppies go, he has been VERY easy to take care of. He still wakes up about 2-3 times a night to go outside, but, when out, he quickly does his business and we're back in bed (although he did insist, for the first time, on getting up this morning at 6:00). We got him as much as a companion for Maisy as for ourselves, and he has lived up to our hopes. Their relationship is already tight, and Maisy has been nothing but maternal towards and gently (generally) playful with him. Miss Kitty still isn't thrilled with the whole thing.
This past Friday was the first blissful day with nothing wedding-related happening, and I took the opportunity to try to catch up on 4 week's worth of bill paying and budgeting - not a good thing to fall behind on. Yesterday, after not having been up to the property in probably nearly 2 weeks, Tom and I headed up. We were seriously homesick for the place. And, what a difference those two weeks had made: the leaves are basically fully leafed out, and it looks as though summer is here! The leaves are out early this year - we don't usually have this magnitude of green so soon when it's not even June yet!
While Maisy and Tucker rough-housed and explored, Tom and I got the very last of the small windows in. Tom then did some exterior work on the windows while I installed some screens and grids. And, we're getting the house fully enclosed with no time to spare: both down here by the lake and up over the hill, the blackflies and mosquitoes are out in droves! 'Tis the season. We now find ourselves back to that time of year when you HAVE to take a shower each night before bed for no other reason than you're covered in stinky, sticky bug dope!
Fortunately for us (because I haven't been able to give the required time over to working on the new house these last couple of weeks), road restrictions are still on in our area of the county. This means that no heavy trucks - contractors - can drive on them yet. So, I have to kick things into high gear here to be ready for them when they're ready for us (when restrictions are lifted). And, really, that could/should be any day.
Today's big project is clearing every single thing out of my office so that Tom can finish it (for sale) this week. Where am I going to put it all!? I think I'll pack most of it for moving to the new house and just keep the essentials out. Until I can get back in here, the dining room table will be my new work station. And, as you can imagine, the past couple of week's activities also slowed progress down regarding getting this house on the market. Our anticipated put-the-sign-out-front date of May 15th has come and gone.
And, finally, on a philosophical note, with the past festivities being based out of our house, I have realized - all the more - what private homebodies we are (or, at least, I am). Not having our house to ourselves was exhausting and stressful. And, even though I'd offered it up for these uses and wanted to help, not having it be exactly as I wanted it to be physically (because it was filled with wedding preparation and then clean-up) was extremely hard for me. Not having the comfort of knowing that it was "all ours" and a haven of rest, relaxation, and down-time was excruciating, really! They say that a man's home is his castle, and, by the end of all the excitement, I wanted to pull up the drawbridge! Matter of fact, I think I would have had that been an option! Point being, two weeks of being "on" - in my own home - has done me in. Calgon, take me away!! I guess, in the end, I'm just an ol' recluse from the Land of the Hoves! :)
On the up side, the wedding really was a splendid affair, our house truly was the PERFECT centralized location for basing things out of, and my girlfriend and her husband are perfectly suited to each other . . . so I'll never have to do this again! After all, I love entertaining . . . but just, obviously, not on this magnitude!

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